The research was conducted as an inductive multiple case study.

The thesis can be written in collaboration with an organisation, company or institution.

The psychosocial variables were interwoven in a complex pattern.


The Industrial PhD is a program of the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education to support research of both academic and commercial value and to facilitate knowledge transfer between Denmark and the rest of the world.

Danish managers maintain an open company culture …

During your first year of study, you follow the thematic course "Ecology and Ecosystems Science in relation to Environmental Economics" as well as five compulsory courses:

The program is open to any graduate student provided that he or she is employed by a Danish company, attends a Danish university, and has the minimum academic qualifications.

of the MSc thesis can assess that the thesis may be written in Danish

With a long tradition of offering dairy education at the highest international level, we strive to develop programmes that deliver the competences of the future.

Danish Academy CBS CareerGate: Writing master's thesis in a company

You do NOT have to pay tuition if you at the time of application are enrolled at a Danish University – either in a Bachelor programme, a full Danish Master's programme or a Danish supplementary course in connection to a Danish Bachelor or Danish professional bachelor programme.

For all non-EU citizens the tuition fee for all MSc programmes at SDC is
40,000 RMB a year.

Why write your master's thesis in a company

However, if you are equated with Danish citizens, who are required to pay tuition, you may be eligible to receive the Danish Udlandsstipendium (scholarship for studying abroad) to cover tuition.

The Transfer of Danish Didactics into a Danish Company in Vietnam.

The paper should engage with some particular aspect of Dreyer’s life and/or films, or else with a related topic in Danish national or transnational classic cinema.

of a disa-bled person in coherence with The Danish Discrimination Act

Nonetheless, academics remained undeterred in their attempts to articulate the innovation process in academics terms as attested by the growing amount of research on the topic.

how a Danish global company copes with the ..

A new joint venture company which Maersk and IBM intend to create, is the first open platform of significant scale for sharing information and developing digital products related to trade.

Since Danish is the language of ..

Your thesis addressing relevant subjects will invariably involve close collaboration with a company. In addition, close collaboration with the industry through teaching, excursions and company visits will provide you with commercial insights and good opportunities for establishing a strong network.