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I conducted semi-structured interviews with two art therapists, one male and one female.

II. Professional Studies (Art Therapy) (9 credits)

Beebe A, Gelfand EW, Bender B. A randomized trial to test the effectiveness of art therapy for children with asthma. Journal of Allergy & Clinical Immunology. 126(2):263-6, 266.e1, 2010.
Twenty-two children with asthma were randomly assigned to wait list control or to a weekly hour long art therapy group for 7 weeks. Those who received art therapy were less anxious and had a better asthma-related quality of life. There were no differences in the number of asthma attacks between the two groups. At 6 months, the active group maintained some positive changes relative to the control group including less worry and anxiety and better quality of life. Frequency of asthma exacerbations before and after the 6-month study interval did not differ between the two groups. This was the first randomized trial demonstrating that children with asthma receive benefit from art therapy that includes decreased anxiety and increased quality of life.

B.F.A. Art Therapy majors must pass colloquia and seminars with a minimum grade of C-.

II. Professional Studies (Art Therapy) (9 credits)

Students intending to major in art (studio art, art therapy, art education or art history) are invited to submit a portfolio of 14 to 20 pieces for review by the Art Department faculty. Portfolios should be appropriately mounted and protected — no glass or frames. Three-dimensional work is best represented in slides or digital images.

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The B.F.A. Art Therapy major must take 36 credits in advanced studio electives.

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The Creative Arts in Therapy MA degrees in Dance/Movement Therapy, Music Therapy, and Art Therapy are approved by the ADTA (American Dance Therapy Association),the AMTA (American Music Therapy Association), and the AATA (American Art Therapy Association), respectively.

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Art Therapy is a type of psychotherapy and psychological treatment, based on the art and creativity. In a narrow sense, an art therapy usually means fine art therapy to influence the client’s emotional state.

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The term “art therapy” was coined by the artist Adrian Hill (1938) to describe his work with TB patients in sanatoriums. Art therapy emerged in the 30 years of the twentieth century. First art therapy techniques have been applied in the U.S. in working with children who were exported from Nazi camps during World War II. At the beginning of the development of art therapy reflect the views of psychoanalytic Z. Freud and CG Jung, in which the end product of artistic activity of a patient (be it drawing, sculpture, installation) expresses his unconscious mental processes. In 1960, American Art Therapy Association was founded.

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The main purpose of art therapy is to harmonize the development of the individual through the development of the ability of self-expression and self-discovery. From the point of view of psychoanalysis, the basic mechanism of art therapy is sublimation. The value of the use of art in therapy is that it can be used on a symbolic level to express and explore the wide range of emotions: love, hate, resentment, anger, fear, joy, and so on. Methodology of art therapy is based on the belief that the internal “I” of man is reflected in the visual images whenever he draws, paints a picture or sculpting sculpture.