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If you have summarised those papers, then you have some good starting points for the review.

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A PhD dissertation is a lengthy, formal document that argues in defense of a particular thesis.
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Make sure that you have described the conditions which obtained for each set of results.

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When you are assigned an essay on the topic of citizenship, you are going to need to have a unique and interesting thesis statement to focus your research on. There are a ton of different elements that make up the area of citizenship that you will be able to consider for your unique research paper. When you are working through the process of creating an interesting thesis statement, you are going to need to consider a variety of different elements to a thesis statement’s purpose. Some of the requirements for writing a great thesis statement include:

Turabian, Kate L. A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. 6th ed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1996.

That the broader argument unfolds in accord with these two steps isuncontroversial. The question of interest concerns whether, strictlyspeaking, these arcs form a circle. The statement of Arc 1admits of considerable ambiguity. How one resolves this ambiguitydetermines whether vicious circularity is the result. Let's begin byclarifying what Arc 1 would have to mean to generate viciouscircularity. We'll then consider the main alternative interpretationsof that arc by which commentators avoid a vicious circle.

Also contains information on obtaining and submitting RMIT University theses.Reuse of figures, images, and other content in theses.

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The signatory page will be reviewed for format and accuracy when your thesis is submitted for format review. However, in some cases, the signatory page will be signed before the format review can be accomplished. Therefore, the Office of GSIR will review any signatory page on demand. It can be faxed, mailed, or hand-carried and will be checked immediately. This alleviates the need to have signatory pages re-signed due to errors in formatting, spelling, or professorial titles. Please make every effort to have the signatory page approved by the Office of GSIR before obtaining any signatures.

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When you submit the final copy of your thesis, you must include one signatory page with the original signatures of all your committee members or readers. The signatures indicate that these persons have approved the thesis as a complete and final work requiring no further alteration as an archival document. Before signing, the page must be printed or copied onto thesis-quality paper. The signatory page follows permission-to-copy page in a master’s thesis. It does not show a page number. A sample signatory page appears near the end of this guide.

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Graduate students, and some faculty members, are frequently quite concerned about the exact format of a thesis and the Graduate School provides a standardized guide for the format. (Past submitted theses are not always a reliable duide to your thesis.) Additionally, you can obtain a thesis template which provides a general outline for your thesis: Where to put your statement of problem, where to state your hypothesis,etc. Regardless of the exact outline you follow, continuous considerations for the following overriding principles will be helpful:

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It also helps to start writing at a coarse granularity and successively refine your thesis. Don’t sit down and try to start writing the entire thesis from beginning to end. First make notes on what you want to cover; then organize these into an outline (which will probably change as you progress in your research and writing). Start drafting sections,beginning with those you’re most confident about. Do not feel obligated to write it perfectly the first time: if you can’t get a paragraph or phrase right, just write something (a rough cut, a note to yourself, a list of bulleted points) and move on. You can always come back to the hard parts later; the important thing is to make steady progress.