Problems with Teaching the Word Order of English to Turkish Students.

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How do you expect your students to understand real English if you don't speak at a fairly natural speed? Oversimplified and affected speech will hurt your students in the long run. Shoot for moderate complexity and more repetition if needed.

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Depending on the subject, you should be talking from about 5% to 30% of the lesson. For speaking or writing, more than 10-15% would probably be too much. Most lessons should be student-centered, not teacher-centered.

Teach first and then test; don't test things that haven't been taught. Also, remember that the main purpose of language is communication. This means that when marking a dictation portion of a listening test, for example, a "What [ ] your name?" response should get nearly full points because the listener has demonstrated full comprehension.

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You will need some Japanese ability in order to do this effectively. If you can't speak any Japanese, here is an incentive to learn. You will be able to control your students much better if you can mimic their Japanese slips and then say, "Is that English?" and supply how to say the phrase in English immediately. More often than not students quickly realize they already know how to say the word or expression they said in Japanese. For example, a student might indicate that his or her partner can begin an activity by saying, "Iiyo" in Japanese. At this point I would mimic "Iiyo" and say, "Is that English?" (facetiously of course) and then supply "Go ahead" in English. Again, this must be done in a friendly manner.

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From time to time, especially when the students are lapsing into Japanese too much, I stop the class halfway through the lesson and announce that if everyone speaks 100% English for the rest of the period everyone can leave early. The students don't always make it, but having this goal cuts down the amount of Japanese significantly if not completely. You may think that the students would be afraid to speak out at all in this situation, but I've actually found that they speak out more after announcing the possibility of leaving early.

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The rationale for the study comes from a need to understand, first, the key motivational factors involved, and second, what measures can be adopted by both teachers themselves and by the institutions they work for to sustain and nurture teacher motivation, ultimately in order to facilitate positive outcomes for students.

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As a variation, if you can speak a little Japanese, write some of their Japanese on the board and then teach them how to say the expressions in English.

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The entire development system will be available over the internet from UCL and requires no additional software at the user’s end, aside from standard internet browser programs. This will enable the community in general, and teachers and students of English in particular, to gain access to the system.