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Such institutions and their collaborative efforts should play a significant role in rural communities/regions where the development strategy of the rural community places entrepreneurship in the centre of economic development.

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Specifically, to accelerate economic development in a rural area, it is necessary to increase the supply of entrepreneurs that is to build up the critical mass of first generation entrepreneurs who will take risks and accept the uncertainties of new venture creation and who will by their example stimulate an autonomous entrepreneurial process thereby ensuring continuous rural development.

Pavlin (eds.), Entrepreneurship Development in Public Enterprises, ILO, Geneva and International Center for Public Enterprises in Developing Countries, Ljubljana, pp.

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By bringing together different capabilities and different experiences in entrepreneurship development, everyone could enhance his/her own capabilities, motivation and determination in achieving the goal: attaining a sustainable and healthy rural economy and environment in order to ensure a high quality of life for individuals, families and communities.

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It is argued, that controllable variables such as a stable system of property rights and freedom of action in the economic sphere, availability of other inputs in the economy (besides entrepreneurship) as well as education and training, contribute significantly to the development of entrepreneurship.

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Development of entrepreneurs and of entrepreneurship can be stimulated through a set of supporting institutions and through deliberate innovative action which stimulates changes and fully supports capable individuals or groups.

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Therefore, policies directed specifically towards promoting the development of entrepreneurship would not help much since chose characteristics cannot be acquired by training.

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If instead, only certain entrepreneurial characteristics are innate, then active promotion policies can contribute to entrepreneurship development in the community in the region and in the nation, since entrepreneurial skills can be acquired through training.

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