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The Master of Engineering (Electronics) is offered by the College of Science and Engineering.

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“There are several ways to go about this, such as taking extra classes to learn new technologies, or even just reading technology magazines that give news about new technologies and what new products that are out in the market';(Michael Smith).

Employment Outlook
In 1996, there were 367,000 Americans holding electrical engineering jobs (Reyes-Guerra 213).

The world of technology can all stem from the fields of electrical engineering that can be studied.

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Electrical engineers have increased their interests in aerospace engineering by converting some of their valuable assets and technology into functional aerospace facilities....

My decision to become an electrical engineer was not a decision I took too long ago.

Students entering the Master of Engineering program in electrical engineering are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or a related field from an accredited institution. The exception is that Cooper Union undergraduates or alumni with an engineering degree in a major other than electrical engineering, including the Bachelor of Science of Engineering degree, would be considered for admission into the Master of Engineering program in electrical engineering if they have taken a substantial number of ECE courses and are prepared for advanced studies in the field.

Electrical Engineers must also be able to create reports and presentations on their findings through research and design (128).

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Work Ethics
The work ethics that are involved with electronic engineering are the same with most other jobs.

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Electronics engineers work with these products by testing them with high tech equipment to make sure they are working in peak performance and to discover where they need to solve real world problems to enable us to excel into the technological age.

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Electronic engineers need that most advanced and up to date equipment that is out today to help them create enhanced electronics, and improve on old products.

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Companies also advertise positions where interested applicants can apply directly to the company (128).

The technology that is used in electronic engineering is very high tech.

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To prepare for college most electronic engineers aim for honors level math and science courses along with other curriculum such as English, social studies, and computer programming classes.

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Most electronics engineers work in teams with other professional engineers on projects and other experiments, which enforce the need for strong communication skills (Stine, 128).