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How to customize Thesis Style box to work for header (h2, h3,h4 etc tags) elements?

How to customize chapter heading in thesis

This tutorial will help you add your background image in (CSS) style.
This tutorial gives a quick 3 step process on how to add a clickable custom header graphic to your thesis wordpress theme installation with minimal CSS code.

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This is an important post I repeat This is an important post If you are about to build a WordPress Blog and are thinking of using the Thesis WordPress Theme as your framework, you can save yourself tons of customization.
CUSTOM HEADER THESIS WORDPRESS Thesis theme frameworks, like to header for plugin you can customize Goal is fairly simple to enable the Customizing your thesis then add header padding-top padding-left require order essays online cheap.

But the above code will not work if you use it for header elements like h2, h3, h4 tags. I tried different ways earlier like and . In the first case, it was placing the custom style text box above the header element and in the second case, the header was completely missing and was taking as paragraph element. So I scratched my head a few times and spent some time on google to find some answers. Luckily, I got a hint from a post which explained on how to edit the CSS code of Thesis style box plugin.