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There are many factors needed to be able to land a career in business administration.

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This course explores issues faced by organizations as they seek to communicate effectively with their publics (e.g. shareholders, employees, community groups, etc.). Emphasis is placed upon the development of communication plans and crisis communication management.

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This course is designed to provide an introduction to marketing in the global business environment. Major topics include social, political, and cultural influences on the sale of products and services internationally, and the development of international market profiles.

This course explores the relationship between Christianity and Business and seeks to answer important questions that confront the business practitioner. Can a person achieve success in business and still be true to his or her faith? Are Christianity and Business mutually exclusive? What is God’s perspective on business? Is there such a thing as “Christian Business”? Can the Bible be used as a guide for business practice? Can God be glorified in business? Readings and discussions will include the Bible and secular and faith based authors. Capitalism, profit, leadership, human resource management, etc. will be explored in light of Christianity.

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(Brown, 2000:1) All the names and definitions of CRM have customer, as its core-it is the management of customer relationships, which attempts to revolutionize marketing and reshape entire business models....

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Operations management can be viewed as encompassing supply chain management, quality management, product and process design, project management, and other topical areas defined as “the design, operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the firm's primary products and services.” (Petersen, Aase, Heiser, 2011)....

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This is a preparatory course on the nature and use of computer based information systems. Topics covered include system requirements for the provision of management information, decision support systems, and asset control procedures.

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Managing and innovating productivity while understanding the business core competencies is just one way operations management ensures a competitive and differentiation advantage....

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This course is a continuation of Business Administration 3313 and includes such topics as working capital management, investment environment, and risk management.

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This course explores more thoroughly the concepts from Business Administration 3213. Topics covered include pricing decisions, cost and inventory management, cost allocation and the use of statistics in assisting management in the decision making process.