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\section{Bibliography styles}There are various bibliography styles available.

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If you know what bibliography style you need to be using (Chicago or MLA, for example), then you should check out the available bibliography styles on . If your discipline varies with regard to preferred bibliography style, ask your adviser which format or journal you should use, then check out for a Reed edition, or for most other styles. Biology and chemistry majors should check out , which has an array of scientific journals offering BibTeX styles and myriad other resources.

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The default bibliography title is just "Bibliography," but if you want to change this, LaTeX gives you an easy way to do so. Here is an example of a bibliography renamed to "Works Cited." Note the placement after the command and before the commands that make the bibliography ( and ).

Unless you are doing a creative writing thesis, you will read way too much for your thesis. As a result, your bibliography will be ridiculously long. Thankfully, there is this great program called BibTeX that will typeset your bibliography for you. For more general information on using BibTeX to create your bibliography, as well as choosing a bibliography format and using a bibliography manager, see .

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TheBST lies in the basal forebrain (substantia innominata), which also contains the nucleus accumbens, the basal nucleus of Meynert and the ventralportions of the putamen and globus pallidus (which are basal ganglia).

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The Ce-Mgroup is connected through a strand of fibers (the stria terminalis)— traveling alongside the tail of the caudate nucleus) to an area bythe hypothalamus known as the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis[BST].

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The great feature of BibTeX is that it takes a standardized database of books, articles, and other bibliographic entries and puts it in a customized format. A BibTeX style can change how a work is cited and how the bibliography is formatted. For more about using BibTeX than is described here, .