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"This compulsory module for the MA English studies: Contemporary Writing pathway explores contemporary writing in relation to broad ideas about the historical present, the problems of periodization, and the nature of time. Special attention is devoted to questions of technology, innovation and social change that bring into question the category of writing itself, its role in theoretical debates, its place in contemporary philosophy, and its transformations in the context of digital culture. With its twin focus on the conceptualization of 'writing' and the 'present', the module aims to offer a detailed survey of issues that relate to the notion of the contemporary, both in academic contexts and in lived social experience."

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Helfert, Joseph A. . Prague, 1858. [7.9 mb]

The dissertation forms an important part of the assessment of the MSc Programmes, carrying a weighting of four modules i.e. one third of the entire Programme. The dissertation requires a demonstration of ability to carry out an original investigation into an area of interest. As such, the process should reflect skills of formulating research questions, synthesising and analysing data, drawing insights and conclusions, and written communication.

You will be guided through the dissertation process by a supervisor.
Students undertaking a dissertation based on qualitative methods within the School of Business and Management are required to attend Qualitative Research Methods Workshops in Semester 2.

Students undertaking a dissertation within the School of Economics are required to attend Data Analysis for Research classes will take place throughout Semester 2

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This module explores leadership from a psychological perspective by critically reviewing theory development in this field: trait theory to transformational leadership, leader follower relationships, transformational/transactional leadership, leadership and power, leadership and diversity, and developing effective leadership. It looks at leadership in terms of how power and influence is exercised in organisations, raising questions about unitary versus pluralistic models of leadership. The module draws on social psychological theory and research that accounts for how leaders acquire and exercise social influence in a manner that contributes to their credibility and the motivation of their followers, plus how individual differences in leader behaviour acquire significance in different contexts. In particular, the module explores how diversity in terms of gender and culture shapes leadership processes. The emphasis of the module will be on comparing and contrasting ideas and perspectives on leadership, and application of leadership theory to case studies.

Bisson, Lillian M. Chaucer and the Late Medieval World. London: Palgrave, 1998.

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The module examines the study of war and security in world politics, examining the modern roots of the study of these phenomenon to the development of the field today. The first part of the module examines war and security in the broad context of international relations. The theoretical roots of studying security and war are introduced, examining key thinkers and perspectives on the politics of organized violence. We then examine a variety of perspectives on the causes of war, from those originating in the character of international relations, to the politics of particular states, to ideas about the changing nature of technology. In Part II, the module offers an advanced understanding of the place of war in world politics and society. We will ask what war is and then investigate its relation to the fields of ethics, law, society and gender. We will look at the question of combat motivation (why solders fight) and specific forms of warfare such as genocide, insurgency and guerrilla warfare, and counter-insurgency. We will conclude by addressing anti-war activism and related forms of civil disobedience and strategic non-violence as alternatives to war. Associate student registration: Autumn Semester POL/241A; Spring Semester POL/241B.

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The module explores both the international political economy of development and the comparative political sociology of the developing world. This involves analysis of explanations for the North-south divide, and national questions such as state formation, conflict, nationalism and civil war. The module also explores the utility of international political economy and comparative political sociology approaches (and the relationship between them), for understanding controversial contemporary political issues such as the rise of Asia, aid, state-building, and democratisation. Associate student registration: Autumn Semester POL/244A; Spring Semester POL/244B.

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This module provides an introduction to the modelling and analysis of one-degree-of-freedom mechanical systems. It includes analysis of the motion (kinematics) of particles. It then goes on to deal with the forces causing these motions (kinetics) by the application of Newton's laws of motion. After this methods for the solution of the differential equation describing the equation of motion and one-degree-of-freedom vibrations will be studied and this will be applied to the description of vibrations of onedegree-of-freedom mechanical systems.