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Videos.Tesis [Review of the film Tesis, by Alejandro Amenábar].

Their relationship changes the behavior and viewpoint of life of Rosa and Julia.
Agora (2009)
Alexandria, 391 AD: Hypatia teaches astronomy, mathematics, and philosophy.

Lev, Leora (2000).Tesis (Thesis) is a 1996 Spanish thriller film.

Hugo Ricardo Amenabar and a Spanish woman, ..

Tesis is an excellent thriller about the powerful fascination that surrounds violence and death.
Tesis [Review of the film Tesis, by Alejandro Amenábar].

It serves as really nothing more than a calling card for director Amenabar.Thesis (1996) on IMDb: Why is death and violence so fascinating?

It is the feature debut of director Alejandro Amenábar, and was written by Amenabar and Mateo.
Film Review: Tesis (1996) Phil Russell 01/01/2013 Extreme Cinema, Film Reviews.

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Alejandro Amenabar puts everyone.
A snuff film, or snuff movie, is "a movie in a purported genre of movies in which an actor is actually murdered or commits suicide".