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The people that worked at these factories had terrible working conditions and living conditions....

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Garment production in poorer countries offers needed investment and employment, but there is a competitive requirement “for poorer countries to offer the cheapest workers and the most flexible (unregulated) conditions” (). In Thailand, for example, a rising global demand for cheap, labour-intensive goods spurred regional competition and put pressure on Thailand’s manufacturers to cut labour and production costs. Casualization of employment and subcontracting emerged as a strategy to circumvent labour laws while cutting labour costs ().

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The main issue with conditions in the work force is that management does not have a clear understanding of what the women and the children working are going through....

In Thailand, the garment industry is the largest export industry, accounting for 60 per cent of total exports (NSO 2012). A survey by the National Statistics Office found that, among subcontracted workers, about half of non-agricultural home-based employment was related to garments and textiles (NSO 2007). Thailand’s Office of Homeworker Protection (OHWP) estimated there were over 950,000 homeworkers in 2005, the majority women. HomeNet Thailand believes the number could be as high as 2 million.

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Transport issues also emerged as significant for homeworkers in the IEMS study. Since the women must travel to obtain raw materials and supply produced goods, increased public transport costs and travel distances impact the viability of their enterprises. Across the IEMS survey sample, transport represents around 30 per cent of total expenditures for a home-based workers’ enterprise. About one quarter of the sample who spend money on transport actually operate at a loss.

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Global value-chain analyses often shed little light on the working conditions of garment and textile workers. The major chains and retailers can be unaware of how many homeworkers are actually involved in fulfilling their orders, or may turn a blind eye to the working conditions of this segment of their workforce (.

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Whereas Niccolo Machiavelli wrote about how a society should be ruled in ‘The Prince.’ Both works paint a portrait of leadership and laws, as well as life and society.

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Starting in 2008, with the Ethical Trade Initiative in the UK, WIEGO engaged in a pilot project with a High Street retailer of fast fashion to analyze the impact of purchasing practices on working conditions in one factory in Turkey. The project involved an analysis of purchasing practices along the supply chain. It found evidence that the fashion and garment industry’s structures drive poor working conditions and cause an increasing informalization of labour. See .