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There are plenty of interesting educational psychology thesis topics for you to choose from. The most important considerations you should take into account when making this decision are:

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We have a long standing reputation for innovation and excellence in professional training in Educational Psychology. Some key features of our programme are:

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Research training on the programme utilises the web-based Educational Psychology Research Methods course and accompanying series of workshops. All of the examples used are drawn from professional practice in educational psychology, where possible from published studies. Research skills are also developed through engagement in a significant piece of original, professionally relevant research together with a Service Related Research Project commissioned by the Educational Psychology Service employing the trainee for their professional placement in Years 2 and 3 of the programme. Small support groups of trainees working in related areas are encouraged to debate options and present proposals to tutors for formative feedback in clarifying and developing their ideas, plans of action, interpretations and conclusions.

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Year 2 and 3 Bursaried Placements – UK Funded and Self-Funded Students
For all UK funded and self-funded students, in Years 2 and 3 placement experiences will be undertaken in Services in the South East, Eastern region and London (SEEL). Allocations of trainees to Services are made towards the end of Year 1 by a placement panel of Principal Educational Psychologists, taking into account criteria including trainee travel time. Each trainee undertaking a bursaried placement in years 2 and 3 will receive a bursary of £17,000 per annum, which includes a contribution towards travel/books, usually of £500, but with some additional funds being available to support trainees who incur particular travel costs associated with home to placement travel. Please for further information regarding year 2 and 3 placement allocations and expectations.

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School Psychology Doctoral Program . Dissertation Outline. 1. Final Version 6/2/2006 . Instructions: Double Underline means the item should be a title or heading in

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Year 1 Placements
For all trainees, the first year of training is primarily based within the University, with placements provided in linked Local Authorities and supervised by UCL Practice Tutors. These Educational Psychology Services are located in inner and outer London, both north and south. A small group of trainees will be placed in each service, with placements allocated in order to minimise travel time as far as possible.

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Programme Directors
- Professor of Educational and Child Psychology and Director, UCL Educational Psychology Group
- Deputy Programme Director (Academic) and Senior Educational Psychologist, Buckinghamshire
- Deputy Programme Director (Placements) and Senior Educational Psychologist, Harrow

Academic and Professional Tutors
- Senior Practitioner Educational Psychologist, Merton
- Senior Educational Psychologist, Achieving for Children
- Educational Psychologist, Camden
- Senior Educational Psychologist, Hackney
- Senior Educational Psychologist, Kent
- Senior Educational Psychologist, Bracknell Forest
- Senior Educational Psychologist, Southwark
- Senior Educational Psychologist, Camden
- Senior Educational Psychologist, Northamptonshire
- Educational Psychologist, Greenwich
- Independent Chartered EP
- Educational Psychologist, Triborough
- Educational Psychologist, Wandsworth

Practice Tutors
- Educational Psychologist, Enfield
- Senior Educational Psychologist, Harrow

Academic Tutors
- Lecturer, Research Methods
- Professor of Psychology and Psychometrics