The scientific method has four steps1.

Are there circumstances in which the Scientific Method is not applicable?

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This principle, however, leads to the prediction of simple harmonicmotion, and, as a model of the behavior of a spring, has been versatilein an extremely broad range of applications.A scientific theory or law represents an hypothesis, or a group ofrelated hypotheses, which has been confirmed through repeated experimentaltests.

Scientists ask, howmany standard deviations are the results from the theoretical prediction?

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In that case, there may be apsychological tendency to find "something wrong", such as systematic effects,with data which do not support the scientist's expectations, while data whichdo agree with those expectations may not be checked as carefully.

Again, the key force forchange is the scientific method, and its emphasis on experiment.

The continuum hypotheses (CH) is one of the most central openproblems in set theory, one that is important for both mathematicaland philosophical reasons.

Inphysics, as in every experimental science,

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If you discover that the battery is not low, you might attemptanother hypothesis ("The starter is broken"; "This is really not my car.")The word model is reserved for situations when it is known that thehypothesis has at least limited validity.

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Hypotheses, Models, Theories and LawsIn physics and other science disciplines, the words "hypothesis,""model," "theory" and "law" have different connotations in relation to thestage of acceptance or knowledge about a group of phenomena.An hypothesis is a limited statement regarding cause and effect inspecific situations; it also refers to our state of knowledge beforeexperimental work has been performed and perhaps even before new phenomena havebeen predicted.

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Accepted scientific theories and laws become part ofour understanding of the universe and the basis for exploring lesswell-understood areas of knowledge.

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Conversely, there are many examples of alleged "new discoveries" which laterproved to be due to systematic errors not accounted for by the "discoverers."In a field where there is active experimentation and open communicationamong members of the scientific community, the biases of individuals or groupsmay cancel out, because experimental tests are repeated by different scientistswho may have different biases.

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Theprocess you might go through to solve this problem could involve scientificthinking, and the results might contradict your initial expectations.Like any good scientist, you may question the range of situations (outside ofscience) in which the scientific method may be applied.

rather than trying to prove a hypothesis.

The problem actually arose with the birth of set theory; indeed,in many respects it stimulated the birth of set theory. In 1874 Cantorhad shown that there is a one-to-one correspondence between thenatural numbers and the algebraic numbers. More surprisingly, heshowed that there is no one-to-one correspondence between the naturalnumbers and the real numbers. Taking the existence of a one-to-onecorrespondence as a criterion for when two sets have the same size(something he certainly did by 1878), this result shows that there ismore than one level of infinity and thus gave birth to the higherinfinite in mathematics. Cantor immediately tried to determine whetherthere were any infinite sets of real numbers that wereof intermediate size, that is, whether there was an infiniteset of real numbers that could not be put into one-to-onecorrespondence with the natural numbers and could not be put intoone-to-one correspondence with the real numbers. The continuumhypothesis (under one formulation) is simply the statement thatthere is no such set of real numbers. It was through his attempt toprove this hypothesis that led Cantor do develop set theory into asophisticated branch of mathematics.[]