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I recommend the app. Talk for Me. It is easy to use and has a number of self designed phrases that the individual user can program or just use it to covert a text comment/conversation to speech. I used to use Speech Magnet but it was not upgraded to IOS 11 and no longer works.
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No need to wait—track simultaneous text-to-speech synthesis occurring in real-time and over time on a live graph.

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Probably the most important and useful application field in speech synthesis is the reading and communication aids for the blind. Before synthesized speech, specific audio books were used where the content of the book was read into audio tape. It is clear that making such spoken copy of any large book takes several months and is very expensive. It is also easier to get information from computer with speech instead of using special bliss symbol keyboard, which is an interface for reading the Braille characters.

No need to wait—track simultaneous text-to-speech synthesis occurring in real-time and over time on a live graph.

During last few decades the communication aids have been developed from talking calculators to modern three-dimensional audiovisual applications. The application field for speech synthesis is becoming wider all the time which brings also more funds into research and development areas. Speech synthesis has also several application frameworks which are described in the following chapter.

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Bell Labs first demonstrated an electronic speech synthesis device, the "Voder," developed by H.W. Dudley, at the 1939 World's Fair. The New York Times declared, in describing the machine's operation, "My God, it talks." This early analog system was the forerunner of Bell Labs work in articulatory synthesis, conducted by Cecil Coker in the 1960s, and Joe Olive's work on concatenative synthesis in the 1970s.

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Joe Olive, recognized as the leading expert in text-to-speech synthesis, recently contributed a chapter, "The Talking Computer: Text to Speech Synthesis," to the book "HAL's Legacy: 2001's Computer as Dream and Reality," (M.I.T. Press, 1996), edited by David Stork.

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What made HAL special was that he understood what was said to him, and replied in conversational English. Although artificial machine intelligence of the kind demonstrated by HAL is still way beyond our reach, good synthetic speech has been with us for quite a while. To date, its main application has been to facilitate people with disabilities, but as computing power continues to increase, there are signs that speech synthesis is moving into mainstream computing.

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A little background. I had my laryngectomy, a little over two months ago. Over the past two months I have made a few adjustments. I am almost half through with radiation treatments, which will continue for 3 more weeks. After, a hopefully brief convalescence period, I will return to work. As a systems administrator for a large computer-engineering group, my need to communicate on a technical level is important. From what I am told, I will be able to speak again, for that I am grateful. At best, that is 6 months or more down the road, it has been two and counting. Even then, telephone conversations will be more difficult for the recipient to understand. Over the years, I have had many deaf clients, and have set up TTY devices for their use. These have their drawbacks. I have always been a very independent person and have been frustrated with my new dependence on family and friends, for simple everyday things. Which brings me to why I am writing this. I spent hours searching the web, first looking for a text to speech program. I found several free ones. The one I selected is called E-triloquist. I found it on the WebWhispers home page. It allows 48 pre-programmable hot keys, plus plenty of options for pre-typed questions and responses. It is a good program! Having the ability to type and spell are a big plus. Unfortunately I can do neither, but with practice I am getting there. I type into a spell checker program, then cut and paste into the text to speech program. One draw back is the voices that come for free, are terrible. They sound very robotic. I bought 2 additional voices, one male, and one female (they come as a package) from AT&T for $35.00. These voices are better than the free ones, but still leave something to be desired.