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A testable Whorfian hypothesis will have a schematic form something like this:

The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis suggests that a

The “pretty patterns” derided here are characteristic of structuralist analyses. Sociolinguistics, which is much closer in spirit to Sapir's project, studies the influence of social and linguistic structure on each other. One particularly influential study, Labov (1966), examines the influence of social class on language variation. Other sociolinguists examine the relation betweenstatus within a group on linguistic innovation (Eckert 1989). This interest in variation within languages is characteristic of Emergentist approaches to the study of language.

John Lucy, a conscientious and conservative researcher of Whorfian hypotheses, has remarked:

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Sapir focused more on linguistic determinism, an absolutist view of the connection between language and perception, while Whorf departed and often argued against determinism in favor of linguistic relativism, a less constraining version of the same concept (see tab “Linguistic Determinism vs Linguistic Relativism”).

Theargument made by Eric Lenneberg against the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis is that“linguistic and non-linguistic events must be separately observed and describedbefore they can be correlated” (Carroll, 1956:28).He argues that there is no way to definelanguage as influencing thought when there is no distinction between these twoevents and that the evidence which supports language as influencing thought isbased purely on linguistic differences.

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Emergentists aim to explain the capacity for language in terms of non-linguistic human capacities: thinking, communicating, and interacting. Edward Sapir expressed a characteristic Emergentist theme when he wrote:

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If Leonard Bloomfield is the intellectual ancestor of Externalism, and Sapir the father of Emergentism, then Noam Chomsky is the intellectual ancestor of Essentialism. The researcher with predominantly Essentialist inclinations aims to identify the intrinsic properties of language that make it what it is. For a huge majority of practitioners of this approach—researchers in the tradition of generative grammar associated with Chomsky—this means postulating universals of human linguistic structure, unlearned but tacitly known, that permit and assist children to acquire human languages. This generative Essentialism hasa preference for finding surprising characteristics of languages thatcannot be inferred from the data of usage, and are not predictable from human cognition or the requirements of communication.

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Thus, while Bloomfield understood it to be a sensible practical decision to assign semantics to some field other than linguistics because of the underdeveloped state of semantic research, Chomsky appears to think that semantics as standardly understood is not part of the essence of the language faculty at all. (In broad outline, this exclusion of semantics from linguistics comports with Sapir's view that form is linguistic but content is cultural.)

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The tradition was taken up by the American linguist and anthropologist Edward Sapir (1884-1939) and his pupil Benjamin Lee Whorf (1897-1941), and resulted in a view about the relation between language and thought which was widely influential in the middle decades of this century....