He has beenvisiting sections of the Paektudaesan-julgi since 2011.

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Located 40 minutes NE of Pyongyang, the 900 ha.

New Zealand currently contributes only 0.22 per cent of gross national income (GNI) to overseas aid and the campaign aims to increase that to 0.7 per cent by 2015.

Is Producing a Record Amount of Milk and Dumping the Leftovers

After hearing a congratulatory speech made by the chairman of the friendship association, the participants looked round photos and books introducing New Zealand.

Jon Yong Jin, vice-chairman of the Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries who is chairman of the DPRK-New Zealand Friendship Association, and other officials concerned were present at the ceremony.

Most of them didn’t want to be there, either.

Local communities are entrusted with the upkeep of the roads in their area and everywhere we travelled there were teams of local people engaged in road repairs as part of their community service.

Photo / AP 2015 is set to be another year of promise for New Zealand.

I found out just how wrong that view can be - or, at least, how one-sided - when I travelled to North Korea to see a venture The Salvation Army has entered into.

The total number of countries now stands at 52.

``The vision of the ANZA is to provide an easygoing and relaxed home for expatriates of Australia and New Zealand while they stay here,'' Annie Sharrock, president of the association, said in an interview with The Korea Times.

There the undermining of the BBC look-alike NZBC began early.

As whales were no longer needed for their oil [with the development of petroleum and other fuels] and whale oil was no longer profitable, they wanted us to stop whaling too."

No one can cut off the great Paektu mountains, they added.

The school, registered as a language education institute with the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development, aims to provide various English experiences to its students with its syllabus focusing on child-oriented English courses for five hours a day, five days a week.

Hallasan is located on the southern South Korean island of Jeju.

According to the ministry's National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service, beef processed at the plant contained 0.5 parts per million of endosulfan, used to control insects and mites, higher than Korea's permissible level of 0.1 parts per million.

Key said he would announce full details of the inquiry on Aug.

The Ministry of Agriculture said yesterday it had banned beef imports from a New Zealand meat processing plant after residual insecticide beyond permissible levels had been detected.