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Theses and projects – Textile Design ..

New eco-fabrics
There are an ever-increasing range of eco-fabrics available, with more under development. UK-based Camira Fabrics, for example, is using stinging nettles to produce a strong, soft, naturally fire-retardant textile, which is blended with wool, for upholstery. German fashion designer and microbiologist Anke Domaske has developed a new award-winning silky fabric, QMilch, derived from a substance extracted from milk, and produced entirely without chemicals. And Starbucks is enhancing some of its coffee shops with interior seating upholstered with a revolutionary new fabric, WoJo, created by New Zealand company The Formary and combining recycled jute fabric from its coffee sacks with wool.

Fashion and Textile Technologies graduate Roos Herder designs funky hijabs for the modern Muslim woman

"Textiles" Thesis Sample, Writing ..

In the first two years, you start by laying a broad foundation for the rest of your studies. You set to work on projects related to Buying, Materials and Collections and attend a wide range of lectures on topics including textile basics, business management and marketing. You also work on your linguistic and financial skills. Each term is dedicated to a particular theme: Into The Future, Purchasing, Collections or Materials Concepts.

Passen will provide commentary about the histories of the selections and the contexts in which they have been sung and played in Illinois.

Hemp is fast-growing, naturally resistant to fungus and insects, produces greater yields than other crops, such as cotton, and leaves the soil in good condition for other crops. Naturally resistant to mould and ultraviolet light, it is mixed with other fibres, such as organic cotton, to produce hard-wearing textiles that retains its colour well due to its porous nature.

The Revolution brought with it radical changes in the textile and engine worlds; it was a time of reason and innovations....

Background - Textile Industry in the 19th Century

The fashion and textiles sector is very internationally-oriented. As such, English is a key subject throughout the Fashion and Textile Technologies programme. The school disposes of a wide international network. There is a wealth of choice when it comes to internships abroad, exchange programmes and graduation assignments with our partners all over the world – from fashion houses in Switzerland to textiles manufacturers in India.

STD Thesis Display 2016 - School of Textile and Design

The Fashion and Textile Technologies programme offers plenty of opportunities for you to discover and develop your talents, whether they lie in the field of materials (technology), collection (creativity) or buying (commercial). A broad foundation course will teach you all the ins and outs of textiles. You will then choose a specialisation with the help of a minor, internship, Living Technology project and graduation assignment.

Your portfolio will focus on such topics as:

This thesis focuses on the mass media cover of ”Smart textiles”

Do you want to experience Fashion and Textile Technologies? FTT offers you the possibility of a taster day. A student will guide you. Together you will visit theoretical an practical classes in the field of materials, collection and buying. Please contact . She will give you the name of a student and together you will plan a suitable date for the taster day.

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The United States Army’s 65th Infantry Regiment, active from 1950 to 1953, was composed largely of Puerto Ricans. Known as Los Borinqueneers, this unit served with distinction in the Korean War. Despite their military contributions, the members of Los Borinqueneers faced socio-economic challenges and prejudice against Puerto Ricans. Drawing upon interviews with these veterans, as well as archival research conducted at the Truman Presidential Library, Antonio Delgado will discuss the activities of Los Borinqueneers in the contexts of the social and economic conditions of the time, federal and military policies and practices, and Puerto Rican nationalism and the formation of Puerto Rico as a “free associated state.”

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The time to get serious about such themes as sustainability and corporate social responsibility is now. This programme will teach you everything you need to know about textile materials, innovative production methods, building a collection, buying, selling and – last but not least – entrepreneurship. Thanks to your knowledge of products and materials, you will be a vital link in the chain between designers, manufacturers and consumers. Interior and fashion designers will rely on you for specialist knowledge and feedback. The future is also about new applications for materials, from solar cells in jackets to innovative re-use of textile waste. The future of fashion and textiles is yours – and so are a sustainable future and a healthy climate.