Thesis teaser teaser…thesis_hook_before_teasers_boxDescription.

The default teaser boxes have a simple divider between the rows, like this:

Somebody called this box as Thesis Home page Teaser readmore box

Thesis theme offers options to enable thumbnail image in teaser box at homepage. Before going to add image in teaser you should check whether teaser enabled or not. There are two ways to add thumbnail in teaser. First you can give only post image while writing post which may be in any size. It will be automatically inherited in teaser box and crabbed into a fixed size that has been specified in the default thumbnail options in this case you don’t give image url in thumbnail image section. He we have options to select whether you need the same thumbnail image inside the post or not.

That’s it – a simple way to change the appearance of your Thesis teaser boxes.

Make Two-Column Teasers Using the Query Box

For do this first you should add add comment and read more link in teaser box as mentioned at the starting of the article. Then upload your image background image custom image folder like I mentioned in the first part.

Also gives the detail about where you need image inside the teaser box left or right.

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Hello,I am trying to post thumbnails in my teaser boxes. Here is the link:

thesis_hook_before_teasers_box - DIYthemes

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