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Some propose that this be accomplished through taxation of the principle culprit....

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Andrew Willis is Head of Upstream Oil and Gas Taxation at HM Treasury. He joined the government in 2008 and has worked in a variety of roles across HM Treasury and HM Revenue and Customs, including in macroeconomics, growth policy and energy taxation.

In today's world, the majority of our government's income comes from taxation.

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Today, while we are all represented in government and are all required to pay taxes, some still perceive the system of taxation as unfair, allowing for specialized interests, loopholes, as well as more/less taxation based on income.

The functions of taxation can be discussed based on the following questions pertaining taxation:

As taxation is made compulsory on all, whether they vote or not, a largeproportion of those who vote, no doubt do so to prevent their own moneybeing used against themselves; when, in fact, they would have gladlyabstained from voting, if they could thereby have saved themselves fromtaxation alone, to say nothing of being saved from all the other usurpationsand tyrannies of the government.

Many have argued over the pros and cons of the taxation of richer people, but when one looks at it objectively, the pros far outweigh the cons....

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There are several literatures by different authors, scholars and researchers on taxation as source of government revenue and its impact on Nigeria economy. Many of them have covered all its ramifications while some have effectively appraised the problem of tax administration in Nigeria. Despite these appreciable and commendable efforts, it should be noted that much is still need to really quantify the contributions of taxes to the growth and development of our dear country, Nigeria.

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Value Added Tax (VAT) This is effectively a retail sales tax and is an indirect form of taxation based on the consumption of certain goods and services. VAT is collected at different stages of production process and on the added value at each stage of consumption. It came into operation to Nigeria courtesy of VAT decree of 1993, which became effective from 1st January 1994. The introduction of VAT replaced the Sales Tax Decree of 1986.

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“No taxation without representation!” A fair tax system was what the American colonists were looking for and one that many say we are still trying to achieve.

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Since October 2014, Roman is employed as a Head of Tax and Customs Tariff Policy in the Oil & Gas Industry Division by Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and responsible for:
development of legislative initiatives and law drafting on new fiscal regimes, tax exemptions for companies, tax maneuvers in the Oil&Gas industry; launching of fiscal and customs tariff policy stimulation measures for the upstream and downstream.
During 2015-2017 he successfully developed legislative initiatives on new fiscal regimes for the upstream based on taxation of the financial result and additional income tax introduction.
Took part in drafting regulatory system for launching and further development of the SPIMEX commodity exchange in crude oil and petroleum products.
From May 2013 to October 2014 he served as an Analyst and Associate at affiliate of Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.
From October 2011 untill April 2013, he worked as an Assistant at International Financial Laboratory in the National Research University Higher School of Economics.
Prior to this he was a Business Analyst at Private Equity Fund.
Roman graduated from the National Research University Higher School of Economics, International College of Economics and Finance (holds BSc in Economics) and London School of Economics and Political Science, International Programmes (BSc in Economics too).

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For taxation to make the desired impact on the economic development of Nigeria as the major source of government revenue; the following Acts were enacted to regulate its operations.