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But enough about pros and cons of technical details, let’s have a look at what Tate offers.

Tate has been an inspiration to all those working on number theory.

Tate's work on classification of abelian varieties over finite fields is a core part of standard theory, underpinning almost all work on the L-functions of varieties as well as being the starting point for the study of motives over finite fields.

John Tate is a prime architect of this development.

Photogrammetry is defined as the science or art of obtaining reliable measurements by means of photography (Thompson, 1966). Although the term can apply to measurements from ground photographs, modern photogrammetric techniques are most often applied to aerial and satellite images. One of the most common uses of photogrammetry is the analysis of aerial photography to extract ground elevations for the production of topographic maps. However, the field also includes the production of digital orthophotographs and digital terrain models. This paper focuses on the procedures used to develop these digital data and their applications to my research.

You have a natural Right to this Piece, since, by yourAdvice, I attempted the Revival of it with Alterations. Nothingbut the Power of your Perswasion, and my Zeal for all the Remainsof Shakespear, cou'd have wrought me to so bold anUndertaking. I found that the New-modelling of this Story, wou'dforce me sometimes on the difficult Task of making the chiefestPersons speak something like their Character, on Matter whereof Ihad no Ground in my Author. Lear's real, andEdgar's pretended Madness have so much of extravagantNature (I know not how else to express it) as cou'd never havestarted but from our Shakespear's Creating Fancy. TheImages and Language are so odd and surprizing, and yet soagreeable and proper, that whilst we grant that none butShakespear cou'd have form'd such Conceptions, yet we aresatisfied that they were the only Things in the World that oughtto be said on those Occasions. I found the whole to answer yourAccount of it, a Heap of Jewels, unstrung and unpolisht; yet sodazling in their Disorder, that I soon perceiv'd I had seiz'd aTreasure. 'Twas my good Fortune to light on one Expedient torectifie what was wanting in the Regularity and Probability ofthe Tale, which was to run through the whole A Lovebetwixt Edgar and Cordelia, that never chang'dword with each other in the Original. This rendersCordelia's Indifference and her Father's Passion in the firstScene probable. It likewise gives Countenance to Edgar'sDisguise, making that a generous Design that was before a poorShift to save his Life. The Distress of the Story is evidentlyheightned by it; and it particularly gave Occasion of a New Sceneor Two, of more Success (perhaps) than Merit. This Methodnecessarily threw me on making the Tale conclude in a Success tothe innocent distrest Persons: Otherwise I must have incumbredthe Stage with dead Bodies, which Conduct makes many Tragediesconclude with unseasonable Jests. Yet was I Rackt with no smallFears for so bold a Change, till I found it well receiv'd by myAudience; and if this will not satisfie the Reader, I can producean Authority that questionless will. Neither is it of soTrivial an Undertaking to make a Tragedy end happily, for 'tismore difficult to Save than 'tis to Kill: The Dagger and Cup ofPoyson are alwaies in Readiness; but to bring the Action to thelast Extremity, and then by probable Means to recover All, willrequire the Art and Judgment of a Writer, and cost him many aPang in the Performance. [Marginal note: "Mr. Dryd.Pref. to the Span. Fryar."]

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The main topic will be Tate's celebrated 1950 Princeton thesis; an elegant reworking and refinement of Hecke's results, which combines number theory and harmonic analysis in a novel way.

I'm interested in reading Tate's Thesis

In 1950 Tate was awarded his doctorate for his thesis []:-

In [] the authors write:-
The thesis was published in 1967.

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Since by Mistakes your best Delights are made,
(For ev'n your Wives can please in Masquerade)
'Twere worth our While t' have drawn you in this day
By a new Name to our old honest Play;
But he that did this Evenings Treat prepare
Bluntly resolv'd before-hand to declare
Your Entertainment should be most old Fare.
Yet hopes, since in rich
Shakespear's soil it grew,
'Twill relish yet with those whose Tasts are True,
And his Ambition is to please a Few.
If then this Heap of Flow'rs shall chance to wear
Fresh Beauty in the Order they now bear,
Ev'n this
Shakespear's Praise; each Rustick knows
'Mongst plenteous Flow'rs a Garland to Compose,
Which strung by his course Hand may fairer Show,
But 'twas a Pow'r: Divine first made 'em Grow.
Why shou'd these Scenes lie hid, in which we find
What may at Once divert and teach the Mind?
Morals were alwaies proper for the Stage,
But are ev'n necessary in this Age.
Poets must take the Churches Teaching Trade,
Since Priests their Province of Intrigue invade;
But We the worst in this Exchange have got,
In vain our Poets Preach, whilst Church-men Plot.

Math 205 - Topics in Algebraic Number Theory: Tate's Thesis

I plugged the artwork data into the same visualisation, but plotting every artwork at the same size. The resulting picture looked as expected, except for a strange peak in the year 1814. Has the Tate purchased an anomaly large amount of paintings from 1814?

Math 205 - Topics in Algebraic Number Theory: Tate's Thesis

On 24 March 2010 the President of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters announced that Tate would be presented with the Prize in Oslo on 25 May:-