Thesis Proposal For Talent Management.

Completed on a comprehensive literature research we seek to find the value of Talent Management.

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Recruiting the most talented employees may not be the best strategy for effective talent management as high fliers tendto leave organisations more quickly thereby generating significant employeeturnover costs.

The topic I have takenup is "TALENT MANAGEMENT" Please help me the guidence.

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Recommendations are put forward in this report to guide organisations how tofocus on factors that influence job satisfaction, talent management and employeeretention which should assist in addressing employee turnover to curtail the drainof talent from local organisations.Items in UNISA Institutional Repository are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated.

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The purpose of this study is to determine whether lack of talentmanagement of employees is one of the causes of job dissatisfaction, todetermine whether lack of talent management of employees contributes toemployees’ intentions to leave an organisation and to determine whether talentmanagement plays a positive part in retaining employees in an organisation.

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Sustainable Talent Management Determine which performance management process.
2 Department of Strategic Management PhD THESIS WORK SUMMARY Entrepreneurial Management in Hungarian SMEs by Lilla Hortoványi Supervisor: Prof.

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Results from thestudy indicate that organisations need to focus on all the above factors of jobsatisfaction, talent management and employee retention to address voluntaryemployee turnover in order to curtail the drain of talent from their organisations.

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The research problem investigated in this study attempted to analyze whetherlack of talent management of employees is a cause of job dissatisfaction andemployee turnover in a specific case study of a regional office of a local SouthAfrican bank.

Phd Thesis On Talent Management

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Talent management: Current theories and future research directions

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Doctoral Thesis On Talent Management.