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With the best synthesizer in 2018 safely tucked away in the studio, producers and DJs can create amazing songs, worth sharing with friends and family members. Today, more and more musicians use with complete confidence the Venom 46-Key synthesizer from . Designed for high musical performance, this full keyboard synthesizer includes the latest digital processing technology, bent on delivering amazing results at the end of each session. It includes 49 dull synth keys which offer smooth feedback and permit users to control every moment of the project. Furthermore the Venom synthesizer has an integrated USB audio and advanced MIDI interface, connectable with notebooks or studio computers.

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Most of the current best synthesizer reviews underline the user-friendly musical interface of the MicroBrute Analog from Arturia. What makes this particular musical synthesizer so special? Well, the device manages to safely carry 100% analog signal path and smooth sounds during each project. This synthesizer is small and has a low profile, offering users precise control over the whole process. The device incorporates a single oscillator with triangle, saw and square waveforms. As a result producers have the possibility of mixing things up without problems. The MicroBrute synthesizer features an overtone generator which delivers special harmonics and special Steiner-Parker filter.

Investing in a brand new music synthesizer comes with its challenges. Out of the many models available on the market we recommend the microKorg Analog Modeling synthesizer from Korg. The device has a built-in vocoder and special selectable-step arpeggiator for enhanced musical performance. This high quality synthesizer allows musicians to record and perform without reservations. Incorporating the exclusive MicroKorg filter and advanced knobs, the synthesizer is without a doubt a great way to control every phase of the musical creation. Furthermore the device has a beige-gold construction, traditional design and unique wooden side panels. Now, it’s good to know that the device has a large dial and special LED illumination system.