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The AL924 is a compact, frequency synthesised, hand programmable, zoomable alphanumeric pager

, frequency synthesised general coverage portable receiver.

The radio can be used with a short or long antenna and operates from a 15 Volt battery not available.

The PRC-68 radio is supplied in good working condition Grade 2 and includes the carry pouch and short antenna.

Frequency Range: 30.000 MHz - 79.95 MHz
Available Channels: 1000 possible Channels, 50 Khz steps
Minimum Channel Spacing: 50 kHz
Preset Channels: 10 Channels
Modulation: Frequency Modulation (FM)
Power Output: 1 Watt
Frequency Control: Built-in Synthesizer
Frequency Stability: 0.005 percent
Sensitivity: 0.5 microvolts for 10 dB SINAD
Squelch: Carrier operated, also sends out 150Hz tone
Operating Temperature: -40 C to +65 C
Weight with Battery: 1.3 kg
Size: 212 x 96 x 38.6 mm
Approximate Range: 2 Km with long antenna, 500 meters with short antenna

A total of 1600 synthesiser-controlled channels are available with in the frequency range, includes a pre-tuned antenna-matching unit.

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Made in the late 70's by Siemens Plessey Defense Systems in Christchurch, England and was used by the British Army and the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps.

The PRC-344 is a light weight Solid-State UHF/AM Transmitter/ Receiver operating in the frequency range of 225 to 399.95 MHz band with 50 kHz channel spacing giving a total of 3500 synthesized channels.

24/11/2017 · The phase noise and frequency stability measurements of 1 GHz, 100 MHz and 10 MHz signals are presented which have been synthesised from the …

These filters have a number of attributes over which we have some control. For low pass and high pass filters, we can change the cutoff frequency, allowing control of the range of frequencies affected. Running a lead synthesizer through a low pass filter and slowly moving the cutoff frequency from high to low and back is a popular technique used in electronic dance music.

The Clansman PRC-349 is a modern synthesised VHF/FM radio Frequency range is 37 to 46.95 MHz in 25 KHz spacing providing 400 possible channels and a …

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Let's add an LFO to our synthesizer that causes the pitch of our oscillator to wiggle up and down a little bit, like a violinist moves their hand to create vibrato. We're also going to use the envelope generator to modulate the frequency of our filter, so we get a cool sweeping effect automatically on every note, especially if we turn up the filter's resonance. Using a control signal to change the frequency of another module is called , or , as indicated in the diagram below:

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With its amazing stability, it was tune and forget!

R-1051B Radio receiver, frequency range 2-30 MHz, 2-4 microvolt sensitivity, direct digital frequency synthesis, 0.1 KHz tuning increments, modes of operation USB, LSB, ISB, AM and FSK.

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Typically, a synthesised signal generator will be used to cover the frequency range required as a series of discrete frequency steps, under the control of the test system’s software. The required frequency accuracy depends on whether the EUT exhibits any narrowband responses to interference. A manual frequency setting ability is necessary for when you want to investigate the response around particular frequencies. Be careful that no transient level changes are caused within the signal generator by range changing or frequency stepping, since these will be amplified and applied as transient fields to the EUT, possibly causing an erroneous susceptibility.