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Manufacturer of MOTM analog modular synthesizer. Also synthesizer repair and CEM and Kenton sales.

Synthesis Technology The MOTM analog modular synthesizer.

The Analog Memory module uses an innovative new data storage technology called “Mechanically Orbited Carbon,” to store and recall control voltage values for use within the modular synthesizer system. The MOC RAM technology has the advantage of completely passive non-volatile storage! Power is only used in the generation of the recalled voltage values for use within the modular synthesizer system.

MOTM Modular Analog Synthesizer Courtesy/Thanks to: Synthesis Technology

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You have reached Dave Bradley's Hot Rod MOTM Shop! This is whereI collect all the material associated with my modular analog synthesizerproject. I'm building a large modular synth using the "best of breed"modules available today from the current group of synthesizer modulemanufacturers, as well as designing my own circuits when nothing suitableexists. I have chosen the (Modular of the Millennium) system as the basis for mydesign. If you would like to know my rationale and selection criterion, read .

MOTM is the name of the modular synthesizer system manufactured by Synthesis Technology

Probably the original DIY synth companies. This company has an extensive history of assisting and promoting DIY electronic music. Their kits are just great. I have built and use many of them myself.

The MOTM analog modular synthesizer. Modules can be ordered as a kit or fully assembled.

Compact Analog modules available both as kits and assembled.

This is not yet a kit site (although they are planning to offer at least 1 kit). They do however offer several Thomas Henry's books on do-it-yourself musical electronics.

This site features kits for building "stomp box" type effects. They also allow you to buy just the printed circuit boards - you supply the electrical components and enclosure.

Harrison Instruments provides several kits for building your own pitch only theremin. A short video on building this kit is available .