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knowledge transfer from our own research projects regarding the synthesis of new, chiral, non-natural derivatives of natural compounds (enantiomerically pure building blocks, beta amino acids, ...)

Separation, quantification and identifications of plant extracts, process samples, and synthesis yields are analyzed on daily base.

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Protein synthesis in mammalian cells begins with the loading of mRNA onto the small ribosome subunit, 40S, which is, in part, one of the responsibilities of the eIF3 complex. The eIF3 complex also interacts with other translation elements that bind at the start of the mRNA, prevents premature joining of the 40S and 60S ribosomal subunits, and helps assemble active ribosomes. Until now, the structural basis for eIF3’s multiple activities has been unknown.

All peptides ordered from us are synthesized by us in our laboratories. We do not outsource any peptide synthesis. →

The inclusion of qualitative synthesis within the “family of systematic reviews” helps to move qualitative synthesis out of the shadow of quantitative synthesis; provides impetus to the creation of methods that are transparent, consistent, and rigorous regardless of the systematic review method; and helps to distinguish qualitative synthesis from other types of narrative reviews. In this chapter, we present an outline of a working approach for conducting a systematic process for collecting, screening, and classifying sources based on whether studies are considered quantitative or qualitative by design. To illustrate the applicability of our approach, we first introduce a systematic review on family group decision making within a child-protection context. The 11-step approach for conducting systematic synthesis of qualitative research is then highlighted in the remainder of this chapter and explored more fully in subsequent chapters. Lessons gleaned from the case study will be referred to throughout to illuminate various steps.

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Research in the Wulff Group is concentrated in the area of organic synthesis and catalysis. We are motivated by the pursuit of novel approaches in synthetic organic chemistry involving design and development of new asymmetric organocatalysis, organometallic chemistry, mechanistic studies and total synthesis of natural products.

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Synthesis organizes and manages all your references and PDFs. You can then quickly search the Abstract and Full-Text PDFs for keywords and phrases.

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Research in organic chemistry at MIT addresses a broad spectrum of important problems of current interest and includes investigations at the frontier of bioorganic chemistry, organic synthesis, and materials science. Specific areas of research include protein glycosylation and protein design, chemosensors, continuous flow synthesis, liquid crystals, supramolecular catalysis, the design of new organometallic reagents and catalysts, the invention of new methods for asymmetric catalysis, engineering and pharmaceutical manufacturing, and the development of new strategies for the total synthesis of a wide array of biologically important natural products. A central theme in many projects is the study of structure-reactivity relationships of biological, organic, and organometallic molecules. Much of the current research in the department takes place at the interface of organic chemistry with other areas such as biology, medicine, materials science, and nanotechnology.

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BERKELEY, CA – Scientists have uncovered key new information towards understanding the crucial first step in protein synthesis, the process by which the genetic code, harbored within DNA and copied into RNA, is translated into the production of proteins. This new information also helps to explain how viruses, such as Hepatitis C, are able to highjack protein synthesis machinery in humans for their own purposes.

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Biochemist Jennifer Doudna and biophysicist Eva Nogales, both of whom hold joint appointments with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), the University of California at Berkeley, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), led a study in which cryo electron microscopy (cryo-EM) was used to create a 3-D model of the protein complex called eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 (eIF3). The model showed that the eIF3 protein complex employs the same structural mechanics in the loading of either human or viral RNA to ribosomes, the complex machinery in living cells responsible for protein synthesis.