A Divergent Synthesis of Aza-pyrimidinones and Imidazoles

Manycompounds of industrial and technological importance contain  derivatives.

Synthesis of novel isoxazolones and pyrazolones (Abstract ..

Development of Chloromethylated SynPhase Crowns and Their Use in Pd(0) Mediated Cross-Coupling Reactions Wendeborn, S., Beaudegnies, R., Ang, K.H., Maeji, N.

and efficient synthesis of 2,4,5-trisubstituted imidazoles 137 in ..

Contemporary Drug Synthesis meets the needs of a growing community of researchers in pharmaceutical research and development, and is both a useful guide for practicing pharmaceutical scientists and an excellent text for medicinal and organic chemistry students.

Authored by four of the pharmaceutical industry's most respected scientists, this timely volume: * Focuses on the processes that resulted in high-profile drugs including Lipitor, Celebrex, Viagra, Gleevec, Nexium, Claritin, and over a dozen others * Provides an in-depth introduction to each drug, followed by a detailed account of its synthesis * Organizes the drugs into fourteen therapeutic areas for clarity and ease of useProcess chemists provide an essential bridge between chemistry and the marketplace, creating scientifically practical drug processes while never losing sight of the commercial viability of those processes.

ChemInform Abstract: Synthesis of ..

With contributions from world-recognized authorities in the field, this reference offers an up-to-date, concise compilation of the most commonly used and widely known name reactions and reagents.

Synthesis of some novel bioactive 4-oxy/thio …

It is a 5-membered ring, in which two of the vertices of the ring are nitrogenand , and the other three are is used formanufacturing biocides, fungicides, pharmaceuticals, and dyes.

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However, with thewidespread development of resistance and the availability of more efficient andeasier to administer compounds, their use is rapidly decreasing.

Dual Roles of Methyl Ketones in Radziszewski-Type …

Taking any one amino acid supplement may cause levels ofnitrogen in the body to become imbalanced, as well as disrupt the Krebs cycleby which toxins are eliminated from the liver and kidneys.

Synthesis of 1,2,5-Trisubstituted Imidazoles

Solution-phase ring opening cross-metathesis of bicyclic alkenes with styrene derivatives and its application to "resin capture" solid-phase synthesis Cuny, G.

Imidazoles - Small Molecule, Big Dream

21. R. Stradi, G. Celentano, E. Rossi: “ST 789 and ST789 analogs: Synthesis and analytical profile”; Thymus 1992, 19, Suppl. 1, S31-S42.

A Tunable Route for the Synthesis of Azomethine Imines …

The book is organized by class of heterocycle (pyrroles, indoles, pyridines, etc.) and each chapter contains the syntheses of heterocyclic precursors, as well as details of uses of palladium to both synthesize and functionalize these heterocyclic systems.