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The biosynthesis of these ergosterols is critical to the formation of cell walls of fungi.

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While several other carbamate insecticides (carbaryl, Landrin, and others) produce a transient anaesthetic effect following high dose administration, there is no such effect noted with propoxur (Vandekar et al., 1971).

In the 1940s, 2,4-D, a synthetic organic chemical,was developed as a selective herbicide.

271. Propoxur (WHO Pesticide Residues Series 3)

Another relevant result was observed in a study in rats in which the renal metabolite pattern was determined after a single oral dose of 14C- propoxur (label in ring) after preceding administration of 0, 250 or 5000 ppm propoxur either in Altromin standard diet or in the semisynthetic casein diet for 4 weeks.

Included among thecommon synthetic organic herbicides are 2,4-D, and glyphosate.

The acute administration of propoxur proved to have a transient effect on the reproduction capability of the males, but there was no evidence of early resorption which is indicative of an absence of mutagenic defect (Arnold et al., 1971).

This group act as biosynthesis inhibitorswithin the actively growing plant.

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Twenty-four hours after cutting of the axon, the most distinctive feature is swelling of both sides of the mechanical trauma. Swelling results from accumulation of fluids and membranous elements on both sides of the site of injury. These changes are not unlike those observed in a rain-flooded two-way road with vehicles stopped on both sides of the flooded area. In this analogy, stalled vehicles are the swelling. After a few days, regeneration of the ensheathed axons-i.e., those covered with myelin-occurs. Sprouts grow from the proximal stump moving at the rate of 1 to 3 mm per day. Under favourable conditions, sprouts reach the distal (farther from the cell body) stump. When renervation-joining of the stumps-is completed, the basic features of normal transmission have been re-established. The cell body of the injured neuron undergoes profound structural changes in protein synthesis and axonal transport.

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Two hours after the ingestion of propoxur, there were no signs of poisoning and the rapid disappearance of symptoms was consistent with the rapid recovery of erythrocyte cholinesterase activity.

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The normal functions of the neuron include protein synthesis, axonal transport, generation and conduction of the action potential, synaptic transmission, and formation and maintenance of the myelin. Some of the basic trophic functions of the neuron were described as early as the 19th century by sectioning the axons (axotomy). Among the processes uncovered, one of the most important was the Wallerian degeneration-after Waller, the English physiologist who described it.

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Effect of diet In the rat studies in which propoxur was found to produce the urinary bladder alterations, the diet used was Altromin B21 standard diet.