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Some piperlongumine derivatives were potent anti-inflammatory agents


Synthesis of analogues curcumin through condensation reaction between aromatic aldehydes with carboxylic acids to produce symmetrical [,] and the process can be accelerated by using a microwave [,].

Design and synthesis of goniothalamin-piplartine hybrids and their In Vitro evaluation against human cancer cells

Medicinal Chemistry Research (v.26, #3) | …

The first enantioselective total synthesis of sceptrin was reported by programming the fragmentation of an oxaquadricyclane []. Oxabicycle (50) could be obtained in quantitative yield by Alder reaction. In the [2+2] cyclization to form oxaquadricyclane (51), it was found that switching the solvent from diethyl ether to THF not only accelerated the reaction but also avoided potential complications due to the low boiling point of ether (Scheme ). The highly unstable (51)was taken on in crude form to the fragmentation step

30/06/2017 · Synthesis and evaluation of antiproliferative activity of analogs of goniothalamin, aza-goniothalamin and piplartine

Use of compounds of general formula A isolated from medicinal plant Piper chaba having (Aldose reductase) ALR2 inhibitory activity and serves as a lead molecule to synthesize novel ALR2 inhibitors, wherein Ri=Hyrogen, Methyl or Benzyl R2=Methyl or Phenyl R3=Nitro, Fluro, Bromo, Iodo, Methyl or Methoxy R4 is selected from wherein the representative compounds comprising synthesis of Michael adduct from naturally isolated piplartine with different substituted indoles, by using catalytic amount of molecular iodine, under selective solvent 1,2-Dichloroethane are: Mono Michael adduct 2a-c, 2f-k Di Michael adduct 3a-3k