It is used in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and vanillin.

Crude cresol (commercial grade) contains approximately 20% o-cresol, 40% m-cresol, and 30% pcresol.

Chemical name: p-Cresol // Synonyms: 4-Methylphenol

As mentioned above, the generation and disappearance of Fmoc based chromophors allows the monitoring of the synthesis. Furthermore, samples may be taken to determine the load of Fmoc peptide. The completion of the deprotection reaction may be checked by cleaving samples and analyzing the obtained peptide.

Cresylic acid compounds are called cresol when the boiling point is below 204°C.

Chemical name: p-Cresol // Synonyms: 4-Methylphenol

It is sequence dependent and up to now no “Golden Rule” exists which allows the prediction of aggregation during the synthesis of a new sequence!

The other approach is to introduce backbone protecting groups which will prevent the formation of hydrogen bonds. Such protection is made by the introduction of the Hmb group on the αnitrogen [53]. It has been shown that the presence of a Hmb unit every 6-7 residues is sufficient to disrupt the peptide aggregation [54]. The Hmb protected amino acid is introduced under the form of N,O-bis-Fmoc-N-(2hydroxy-4-methoxybenzyl) derivative, the O-Fmoc protection being cleaved during the following piperidine treatment. At the end of the synthesis the Hmb group is cleaved in the final TFA cleavage.


Sigma-Aldrich also provides a suite of analytical tools that allow food analysts to simplify sample preparation, cleanup and analysis steps, while increasing sensitivity to trace ingredients and harmful substances to meet regulations and quality standards.

O-cresol is a starting material for the synthesis of herbicides ..

Better results will be obtained by repeating a coupling with fresh reagents (and changing coupling parameters if a low conversion was obtained) rather than by prolonging the reaction. Generally, coupling protocols may be changed in the course of a synthesis, especially when optimizing an SPPS.

m-Cresol is an isomer of p-cresol and o-cresol

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Cresols are organic compounds which are methylphenols

It is used as an external antiseptic, expectorant, gastric sedative, deodorant, and as an antiseptic parasiticide veterinary use in the form of creosote carbonate.

meta-Cresol, also 3-methylphenol ..

Wood tar creosote is a mixture of chiefly guaiacol, creosols and other phenolic compounds obtained from wood tar (mainly beech) by distillation between 203 and 220 C.

P-Cresol is an end-product of protein breakdown, ..

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