Synthesis description for preparation of 4-BROMOACETANILIDE

 (4-bromophenyl)-amine (4-bromophenyl)amine 4-bromanilin 4-bromoaniline 4-ブロモアニリン
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EXP10 Synthesis of p Bromoaniline.

Acetanilide is an odourless, white flake solid or crystalline powder (pure form); soluble in hot water alcohol, ether, chloroform, acetone, glycerol, and benzene;; melting point 114 C and boiling point 304 C; can undergo self-ignite at 545 C, but is otherwise stable under most conditions.

This data is confirmed with the product obtained, (2,4,6 tribromoaniline, mp of 108-110 C).
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p-Bromoaniline metabolized to p-bromoacetanilide in micro-organisms

Acetanilide has a strong activating group attached, acylamino group, but this group is large and the ortho positions are somewhat hindered so the majority of the product obtained added at the para position, results conclude: (p-bromoacetanilide mp 160-165 C).

primary amides have higher melting and boiling points than secondary and tertiary amides.
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The products obtained by my partners, were determined to be: (p-bromoacetanilide mp 160-165 C) and (2,4,6 tribromoaniline, mp of 108-110 C) respectively.

Molecular Weight:
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