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Nitric acid is manufactured from ammonia and is a key chemical in the manufacture of .

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The mixture iscooled to 5C so as to precipitate most of the remaining Picric acid, and thanis quickly filtered and washed with 1200mL of cold distilled water so as toremove any traces of the nitration acids.

However, the usual warnings apply: As with any other nitration, this procedure ishazardous and involves the use of highly corrosive acids.

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At the first stage when copper reacts with concentrated nitric acid the metal ion coordinates with nitrate ions. This complex gives green color to the solution. The brown gas produced in the reaction is nitrogen dioxide. When water is added the solution becomes blue since nitrate ions are replaced by water molecules from the copper coordination shell. Nitrogen dioxide dissolves in the solution.

Nitric acid production involves two stages:a) oxidation of ammoniab) absorption of the resulting nitrogen oxides

Various companiesproduced nitrostarch throughout both world wars, but the US emerged as its solemanufacturer.
It was after being enquired by a British Chemist as to the manufacture ofthis compound that I realized that the Internet did not yet have a source ofinformation as to how its synthesis may be performed.

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Some nitric acid is used to make intermediates in the polymer industry, notably in the manufacture of hexanedioic acid (adipic acid) to make and TDI (toluene diisocyanate or methylbenzene diisocyanate) and dinitrobenzene two of a range of reagents used to make . Nitrobenzene is used to make aniline which is a key reagent for making .

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Rhodium is added to the platinum to give the gauze strength and to reduce the loss of platinum, an important economic factor (0.4 g loss per 1000 kg nitric acid made). This is due to 'hot spots' occurring on the gauze.

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From Phenol-4-sulfonic acidonwards the reaction proceeds as outlined above.
The Nitric Acid can also be substituted by adding 15 grams Sodium Nitrateper 80mL H2SO4.
With the NaNO3/H2SO4 nitrating system (H2SO4 already present) without any external cooling; the phenolsulfonic acid
compound readily nitrates to a polynitro compound (2,4,6-trinitrophenol).

Yet another way of preparing picric acid is by the conversion of benzenedirectly into picric acid in one step.

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The gases are then passed through one or more towers to meet a stream of water, normally flowing in the opposite direction to the gas. Here, oxidation of the nitrogen monoxide continues and absorption occurs with the formation of nitric acid:

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The acid from the absorption towers contains typically 56-60% nitric acid by mass but can be manufactured up to ca 68% by mass. Some 99% acid is required for the manufacture of, for example, organic nitro-compounds for the explosives and dye industries. Nitric acid and water form an azeotropic mixture, with a maximum boiling point of 395 K, containing ca 68% nitric acid by mass; thus the concentrated acid cannot be obtained by distillation of the aqueous solution. Concentrated sulfuric acid is used to absorb the water content and then on distillation of this mixture, concentrated nitric acid is obtained. Pure nitric acid boils at 359 K.