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T1 - Synthesis of highly functionalized δ-lactone-fused cyclopentanoids

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N2 - The synthesis of unsymmetric functionalized pentacenes from 1,4-anthraquinones and functionalized isobenzofurans, which were prepared by transformation via C-H bond activation, was successfully accomplished. Examples of the synthesis of pentacenes with functional groups at the 5-position are still rare. These obtained functionalized pentacenes are highly soluble in hexane, toluene, and THF.

T1 - Synthesis and characterization of functionalized metal-organic frameworks

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First, hydroxyl‐terminated PCL and glycerol simultaneously reacted with an excess of a diisocyanate, the obtained isocyanate functionalized prepolymers then reacts with allyl amine.

T1 - Synthesis of PbS nanocrystal/functionalized conducting polymers for plastic solar cells

Dendrimers are multipurpose, nanosized particles that can be functionalized with various chemical procedures. The ability to control and engineer Critical Nanoscale Design Parameters such as architecture, shape, size, rigidity, flexibility, composition and surface chemistry offers a catalog of possibilities for utilizing dendrimers as modules for the thriving Nanotechnology industry. Contributions from researchers with various scientific backgrounds who have worked on different objectives that resulted to several applications of functionalized dendrimers are cited in this review.

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Lead-based nanocrystals (NCs) are promising materials for high-efficiency solar cells since they are able to generate multiexcitons with high efficiency. One complication of utilizing these NCs is the insulating ligands capping their surfaces. In this paper, we have successfully developed and characterized a phosphonate-functionalized poly-3-hexylthiophene (POP3HT-50) and used it in the direct synthesis of PbS NCs within the polymeric host matrix without extraneous ligands. Devices made of POP3HT-50/PbS nanocomposites show an order of magnitude improvement in η when compared to that reported for a P3HT/PbS device (η = 0.011% versus 0.001%). The improved performance is consistent with better electronic contact between PbS NCs and POP3HT-50.

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Amine-functionalized colloidal silica finds use in a variety of applications and fundamental investigations. To explore convenient methods of synthesis and characterization of research-grade materials in relatively large quantities, nearly monodisperse colloidal silica particles were prepared by base-catalyzed hydrolysis of reagent-grade tetraethyl orthosilicate (TEOS) without the traditional time- and energy-consuming distillation step. Radius was varied reliably from 30 to 125 nm by changing the water/TEOS ratio. Asymmetric flow field flow fractionation (AF4) methods with online light scattering detection proved effective in assessing the uniformity of the various preparations. Even highly uniform commercial standards were resolved by AF4. The surface of the colloidal silica was decorated with amino groups using (3-aminopropyl) trimethoxysilane and spacer methyl groups from methyl-trimethoxysilane. The surface density of amino groups was quantified spectrophotometrically after reaction with ninhydrin; the nature of this analysis avoids interference from sample turbidity. As an alternative to the ninhydrin test, an empirical relationship between surface density of amino groups and zeta potential at low pH was found. The size of the colloidal silica was predictably decreased by etching with HF; this method will be effective for some preparations, despite a modest reduction in size uniformity.

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PBu3-catalyzed cyclization reactions of salicylaldimines and salicylaldehydes with ethyl 2,3-butadienoate gave the corresponding functionalized chromans in moderate to good yields in THF under mild conditions. The new reaction provides a new method for the synthesis of biologically active chroman products.