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Saponification: Synthesis and Analysis of Soap

Many students (including the author) take a one-semester fundamental chemistry lecture and laboratory course (CHEM 102) that surveys the basics of organic chemistry and biochemistry (Van Lanen, 2000). It is organized around topics of organic chemistry, but with some biological perspective (Miner, 1948; Isom, 2006). This course is often required for students in health-oriented programs, especially the nursing program (at the University of South Carolina, Chemistry 102 is required in the nursing curriculum, as shown ), and it may also serve as a laboratory science for students in other fields of study (Price, 1976; Mamantov and Wyatt, 1978). Emphasis for this course is often placed on selected principles relevant to the understanding of human biological functions and related medical aspects. However, this course is often seen by students as a difficult and professionally irrelevant barrier in pursuing a career in medicine or nursing. Moreover, even though knowing detailed chemical properties of organic molecules is not a main objective for this course, students are required to comprehend some basic organic reactions, especially those closely related to biochemical processes of the human body. Some typical examples are the oxidation of an alcohol, the formation of a disulfide bond, carboxylic acid and amine dissociation, esterification, and amide formation. However, learning organic reactions for non-science major students has often been unpleasant (Rowe, 1983; Burgess and Bino, 1988).

After high school he didn’t venture too far choosing to study biology and chemistry at Concordia University located in Irvine California.

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Will joined us from the Konopelski lab and brought with him a strong knowledge of synthetic chemistry which he puts to good use on a variety of projects including: the syntheis of β Lactam derived protosome Inhibitors and Nanoparticle-bound lead sensors.

Phanstiel O., Dueno E., and Wang Q. X., (1998), Synthesis of exotic soaps in the chemistry laboratory, , 75, 612.

As the resident computer nerd, Chad spends his time in the lab automating data analysis, creating new tools to enable ambitious chemistry projects, and executing said projects

Viets FG (1962) Chemistry and availability of micronutrients in soils. J Agric Food Chem, 10(3): 174–178.

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After visiting several programs, he joined the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UCSC, where he found the atmosphere rigorous, yet collegial and collaborative.

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Biophysics is by definition an interdisciplinary science where ideas and techniques from physics are utilized to understand biological systems and phenomena. Biological materials are classed as soft materials and there is a natural synergy between these disciplines. The unique academic structure at UC Merced is especially conducive to research in biophysics with collaborations between faculty across physics, chemistry, biology, applied math and bioengineering disciplines. The biophysics group at UC Merced has a wide variety of research interests includingmacromolecular transport (Gopinathan)structure and function of cell membranes (Hirst)biopolymers--structure, dynamics and function (Gopinathan, Hirst)biophotonics (Sharping)bacterial physics--growth, division, motility (Gopinathan, Liu), andmolecular motors and intracellular transport (Xu, Gopinathan).
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She attended the University of California, Irvine for her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry where she did undergraduate research in a synthetic chemistry laboratory.

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Dr G. Batley, CSIRO Centre for Advanced Analytical Chemistry, Division of Coal and Energy Technology, Lucas Heights Research Laboratories, Menai, Australia