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R., Synthesis of Novel -Neoglycopeptides from Glycosylthiomethyl Derivatives.

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An early demonstration of the possibilities of the Heck arylation was the coupling of 3-bromopyridine with -3-butenylphthalimide (eq 15), the first step of four in a total synthesis of nornicotine.-Vinylimides readily undergo palladium-catalyzed vinylic substitution with aryl bromides to yield 2-styryl- and 2-phenylethylimines.

Modular Synthesis of a New Family of Tripodal Ligands, all-cis-1,2,3-Tris(diphenylphosphinomethyl)cyclopropane and Relatives.

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2-Ethylhexyl Acetate is a clear, polar solvent with low volatility, suitable as a carrier solvent for nitrocellulose production and many other natural and synthetic resins used in a wide range of industrial applications.

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Conjugated dienes combine with nucleophiles such as water, amines, alcohols, enamines and stabilized carbanions in the presence of palladium acetate and to produce dimers with incorporation of one equivalent of the nucleophile., Telomerization of butadiene (eq 7) yields linear 1,6- and 1,7-dienes and has been used for the synthesis of a variety of naturally occurring materials.The regio- and stereoselective palladium-catalyzed oxidative 1,4-functionalization of 1,3-dienes (eq 8) constitutes a synthetically useful process.A selective catalytic reaction that gives high yields of 1,4-diacetoxy-2-alkenes occurs in acetic acid in the presence of a lithium carboxylate and benzoquinone.

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Good to high yields of ,-unsaturated ketones were obtained.With slightly different substrates, the observed products were not ,-unsaturated ketones but nonconjugated bicycloalkenones. The method, which affords bridged (eq 44) as well as spirocyclic (eq 45) bicycloalkenones in acceptable to good yields, has been applied to the preparation of bicyclo[3.3.1]nonadienones and to a total synthesis of quadrone.Treatment of 1,5-dienes with catalytic amounts of Pd(OAc) and benzoquinone with MnO as stoichiometric oxidant in acetic acid leads to an oxidative cyclization reaction (eqs 46, 47). The reaction normally yield cyclopentanes with acetate and exomethylene groups in a 1,3-configurational relationship.The selectivity of the reaction depends strongly upon the structure of the starting alkene.

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An improved diastereoselectivity was observed in reactions carried out with chiral nucleophiles in the presence of water-containing molecular sieves. The synthetic utility of the reaction was demonstrated by a synthesis of diquinanes.When 1,6-enynes, prepared by a Pd(PPh)-catalyzed coupling of an allylic carboxylate with dimethyl propargylmalonate anion, is treated with a catalytic amount of a palladium(II) species, a carbocyclization leading to cyclopentanes carrying an exocyclic double bond occurs (eq 48). Yields of 1,4-dienes ranging from 50% to 85% are observed.

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On a laboratory scale the reaction conveniently allows the transformation of a wide variety of terminal alkenes to methyl ketones. Some synthetic procedures that employ Pd(OAc) in chloride-free media have been developed (eq 3).