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Synthesis of Dulcin Free Short Essay Example
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Synthesis of Dulcin - Sugar Essay Example

Drying agents (also called desiccants) come in various forms and have found widespread use in the foods, pharmaceuticals, packing, electronics and many manufacturing industries. A desiccant is a hygroscopic substance that induces or sustains a state of dryness in its vicinity. Ideally, it is chemically stable and chemically inert (i.e., silica). Unfortunately, this is not always the case in the chemistry lab because the drying agent comes into direct contact with the solvent and the chemical.

In the synthesis of Dulcin, which of ..
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O chem lab for synthesis of acetaminophen

Week 3:
Analyze dulcin through MP, IR, H NMR, and mass
Summary of Results
Experimental & Literature Spectra for Products Phenacetin and Dulcin
Dulcin (?)
Possible Errors
Week 1
Not drying the product enough by using an oven/heat source
Thought drying in drawer would be sufficient
Week 2
pH adjustment
Use liquid sodium bicarbonate
Burning the reaction mixture
Phenacetin was positively identified the first time, but the reaction was not able to continue to dulcin due to this
Week 3
Impurities in the phenacetin H NMR tube
Percent yield: 60%
MP: 123 (lit 134)
IR: good.
H NMR: good.
Percent yield: 110%...
MP: 160 (lit 173 dulcin)
IR: bad.
H NMR: bad.
para substituted
aromatic ring
amide proton
next to
atom (ethyloxy-)
next to unsaturated center
next to
saturated center
what dulcin H NMR should
have looked like
sodium bicarbonate IR
broad stretch
Synthesize phenacetin from acetaminophen & identified through H NMR, IR, and MP.
Synthesize dulcin from acetaminophen & identify through H NMR, IR, and MP
But was able to find what the final reaction solid was :)
Goldsmith, R.H.

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Some memorable laboratory experiments include the “Synthesis of the Sweetener Dulcin from the Analgesic Acetaminophen” during Advanced Organic Chemistry or the forensic chemistry “Who Dunnit Lab” in Quantitative Chemical Analysis.

One such experiment is the synthesis of the artificial sweetener dulcin ..
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