Synthesis of cyclohexanone derivatives ..

Organic Chemistry Lab Report—Synthesis of Cyclohexanone: Chapman-Stevens Oxidation

Synthesis of cis-disubstituted cyclohexane synthesis …

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synthesis of cyclohexanone oxime by photoreaction of …

When we tried to finda proper solvent to precipitate the desired methylpyrazolone from the oilyreaction syrup, we found that ketones – such as acetone or cyclohexanone – readilyreact and give colourless precipitates as the analysis of such a precipitaterevealed.

The chemicals were purchased from Ranbaxy and were of LR grade. These products are further purified by distillation. The close agreement of experimental values with those reported in literature ascertains the reliability of the present results. The mixtures were prepared by mixing measured volumes of the components in airtight stoppered bottles to minimize evaporation losses. The weighing was done on an electronic balance with a readability of 0.0001 g. Density (; ) measurements were made using 25 mL specific gravity bottle. The refractive indices of the liquids and of the mixtures were determined using Abbe’s refractometer which has the least number of moving parts; thus the chances of error arising due to strain are also minimal. Before measuring the on Abbe’s refractometer an inspection of the scale was made with the help of a test piece supplied by the suppliers. A drop of mono bromo-naphthalene was placed on the polished surface of the test piece and then it is placed on the main prism surface of Abbe’s refractometer. Measuring knob is turned to find the demarcation line of the brightness and the darkness in the field of view. Using dispersion knob the demarcation line is cleared. Once again the measuring knob is turned in such a way the demarcation line fallen just on the centre of the cross-line in the field of view. The reading on scale was noted, which was shown on the below of cross line in the same field of view. There is a provision for connecting to thermo stated temperature bath. The circulated water will keep the prism hose in fixed temperature. The temperature of prism hose can be read with the help of built in digital thermometer. The same procedure is adopted first to measure the refractive indices of pure liquids such as benzene and n-hexane to ascertain the accuracy of the results and then for the liquid mixtures chosen for the present work. Good agreement was found between measured and literature values. Uncertainty in measurements was found to be 0.06%. The experimental work is carried in the year 2007. Its values are given in .