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French researchers found that a leucine -supplemented diet restored a more youthful pattern of muscle-protein breakdown and synthesis to elderly rats.
is sometimes used to prevent herpes virus outbreaks although the research on this topic has shown mixed results.
and cysteine are the only sulfur-containing proteinogenic amino acids.

showed that the principal reactive species was a copper complex containing one ethyl glycinate ..

Characteristics Physical properties

Studies of the solid-state structures indicate that in the - form, the copper has distorted octagonal coordination; apart from the two glycine ligands, the first and sixth coordination positions are occupied by an oxygen atom in the water molecule, and by an oxygen atom from a neighbouring glycine. In the case of the - isomer, the two glycine ligands occupy four coordination positions, the other two being filled by oxygen atoms from two neighbouring glycines; the water is not coordinated, but sits in a gap in the lattice. X-ray absorption spectroscopy measurements in aqueous solution suggest that here the bis complex has a distorted octahedral structure with two bidentate glycine ligands and two axial water molecules.

Chelate) 20 mg, Selenium (as Selenium Glycinate Complex) 150 mcg, Copper ..

Arginine is considered semi-essential because although it is normally synthesized in sufficient amounts by the body, supplementation is sometimes required (for example, due to inborn errors of urea synthesis, malnutrition, excess ammonia production, excessive lysine intake, burns, peritoneal dialysis).

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If hot aqueous glycine solution is added to a hot solution of copper ethanoate in water-ethanol, then the mixture ice-cooled, light blue needles of -Cu(glycinate)2(H2O) are obtained. If this is then refluxed with some of the filtrate from the reaction and added glycine for an hour or more, it converts to blue-violet platelets of the -isomer.

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and and and (2003) Synthesis, characterisation and dissociation of a glycinate bridged trinuclear Co(III)-Cu(II)-Co(III) complex. Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms , 5 (1). pp. 73-77.