j) and synthesized (3S,4)—4—methyl—3—heptanol (16), which is a ...

 3,5-dimethyl-heptan-4-ol 3,5-dimethylheptan-4-ol 3,5-diméthylheptan-4-ol 3,5-ジメチルヘプタン-4-オール

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Stereospezifische synthese von (9+)-(3R,4R)-4-methyl-3-heptanol, das enantiomere eines pheromons des kleinen Ulmensplintkaefers (Scolytus multistriatus).

Synthesis of 2-methyl-4-heptanol | …

Chirality transfer in the ester enolate Claisen rearrangement of (R)-1-methyl-(E)-2-butenyl hydroxyacetate and its application to the stereocontrolled pheromone synthesis.

Stereoselective acyclic synthesis via allylmetals: an efficient synthesis of (±)-4methylheptan-3-ol, an aggregation pheromone of the smaller European elm bark beetle.

Synthesis of 4-methyl-3-heptanol and 4-methyl-3 …

Asymmetric synthesis of (S)-4-methyl-3-heptanone, the alarm pheromone of Atta texana, of (4S)-4-methyl-3-heptanol, the major aggregation pheromone component of Scolytus scolytus, and of (S)-3-methyl-2-heneicosanone, a structural analogue of a sex pheromone component of Blattella germanica.

Synthesis of 4-methyl-3-heptanol and 4-methyl-3-heptanone

Acyclic stereocontrol via asymmetric [2,3]-Wittig rearrangement with high enantio- and erythro-selectivity and its use in the chiral synthesis of insect pheromones.