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The VHDL coding style itself has a rather big impact on the synthesis result.

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This is especially true for memory cells that can not used by synthesis tools automatically. The same applies to the I/O cells of ASIC libraries that have to chosen by hand.

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The design partitioning should be reviewed prior to the synthesis runs. This is mainly due to the fact that the algorithms perform best at module sizes of several thousand gates.

While synthesis of synchronous designs with a single clock source is fairly simple, practical systems, unfortunately, often require additional clock signals.

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Besides the fixed synthesis constraints set by the target technology and the tool capabilities, “soft” constraints that are imposed by the designer have to be considered as well. Maximum operating speed and required hardware resources are usually the main targets for netlist optimization. This is possible either on a purely abstract mathematical model or by different mappings of the boolean functions on the available technology cells. Due to the complexity, the optimization phase requires quite a lot of iterations before the software reports its final result.

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There are some problems with our synthesizer design—not the least of which is that because we have no way of controlling the volume of the oscillator, our instrument is always making sound! In order to fix this problem, we need to add a module called a Voltage Controlled Amplifier, or VCA. The function of a VCA is to raise or lower the volume, often called or , of a signal. Essentially, a VCA is a volume knob. Oscillators and other sound generating modules are always making sound, and VCAs are what keep the level down when you're not playing.

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Even if synthesis tools do not support sensitivity lists in general, they often look for templates that describe the behavior of registers. Usually, the check for the CLK event has to be part of the if condition, as well. If the sensitivity list is ignored and the code can not be matched to a register template, a level triggered latch will be generated!

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In analog synthesizers, VCAs are actually controlled by wires carrying electrical current. There are no real wires carrying voltage inside a virtual synthesizer, but people often call virtual amplitude controls VCAs anyway. With many synthesizers, most of the VCAs are beneath the hood and we don't need to worry too hard about where they are or how they're controlled, but it's important to know how they work.

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Let's add a VCA to our simple synthesizer now. This means adding a new module and a couple more cables, but don't worry, they're explained right after the diagram.