You will first produce a simple ionic oxalate salt of iron

You must agitate the suspension of FeC2O4 during the addition of peroxide
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Experiment 3: Preparation of an Iron Oxalate Complex: …

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I was very careful in decanting my yellow Iron (II) oxalate ..

Other investigators have studied the effects of inorganic tin compounds on body balance of important minerals. Plasma and tissue (kidney, spleen, and tibia) concentrations of copper, iron, and zinc were unaffected in a group of seven Wistar rats fed diets containing 1 mg of tin per kg (as tin(II) chloride; about 0.07 mg of tin per kg body weight per day) for 28 days, but were slightly reduced at 10 mg of tin per kg in the diet (about 0.7 mg of tin per kg body weight per day). Greater effects were seen at 50 mg of tin per kg in the diet (about 3.5 mg of tin per kg body weight per day) (Pekelharing et al., 1994). Copper metabolism was unaffected in Sprague-Dawley rats given up to 100 mg of tin per kg in the diet as tin(II) chloride (about 7 mg of tin per kg body weight per day) for 27 days; however, at 500 mg of tin per kg in the diet (about 39 mg of tin per kg body weight per day), copper levels were reduced in the plasma, liver, and kidneys, and zinc retention in the tibia, kidneys, liver, and plasma was decreased. Only small changes in iron metabolism were observed (Johnson & Greger, 1984, 1985). Administration of 100 mg of tin per kg in the diet for 4 weeks to weanling rats reduced copper levels in the duodenum, liver, kidneys, and femur and zinc levels in the kidneys and femur (Reicks & Rader, 1990; Rader et al., 1990). Oral administration of tin(II) chloride (2 mg of tin per kg body weight per day) to rabbits for 1 month decreased zinc and copper concentration in bone marrow and increased iron concentrations in liver and kidneys (Zareba & Chmielnicka, 1989). Iron status (tissue iron, haemoglobin, haematocrit, red blood cell count, plasma iron, total iron binding capacity, and transferrin saturation) in rabbits was not influenced by the inclusion of tin in the diet at

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Experiment on the preparation of potassium tris (oxalate) ferrate ..

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Synthesis of Iron(II) Oxalate - Duration: 2:16

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The synthesis of the ferrous oxalate dihydrates by ..

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Synthesis K3[Fe(C2O4)3] - QUÍMICA INORGÂNICA

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