Determination of Argon in Ammonia-Synthesis Gases EARL H

Ammonia Synthesis from Hydrogen-Containing Tail Gases

Sensor Analysis of Gases Emitted in Basic Organic Synthesis

Our product portfolio covers a variety of atmospheric gases, synthesis gases and carbon dioxide.
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Acetylene for Chemical Synthesis - Processes - Afrox Gases

We supply industrial gas companies in Europe from our Ludwigshafen production site. Our product portfolio encompasses carbon dioxide, the atmospheric gases argon, krypton-xenon and nitrogen as well as the synthesis gases hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

The feedstock is mixed with hydrogen and passed over a catalyst of mixed oxides of cobalt and molybdenum on an inert support (a specially treated alumina) at ca 700 K.
Then the gases are passed over zinc oxide at ca 700 K and hydrogen sulfide is removed:Primary steam reforming converts methane and steam to synthesis gas, a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen:High temperatures and low pressures favour the formation of the products (Le Chatelier's Principle).