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The spirit molecules are synthesized from the amino acid tryptophan in a series of biochemical steps, which simplified are: tryptophan serotonin melatonin pinoline 5-MeO-DMT DMT.

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Thus, in waking consciousness (actually waking ignorance), the body inhibits 5-MeO-DMT and DMT synthesis by producing the compound MAO to deactivate the serotonin -- DMT pathway.

To maintain its connection to the soul, however, the body must periodically inhibit the action of monoamine oxidase (MAO), allowing for DMT synthesis and a return to the Source.

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From my clinical research and experience as a meditation facilitator and acupuncture detox specialist, I find the necessity of sustaining high levels of serotonin precursors in our brain cells and nervous system by taking whey protein isolate supplementation which has a high content of alpha lactalbumin to supply the important tryptophan as the main source of spirit molecules such as serotonin, melatonin, pinoline, 5-MeO-DMT and DMT for enlightenment and drug detoxification.


As shown from the meditation research on spirit molecules below, alpha lactalbumin increases the following neurotransmitters and amino acid tryptophan serotonin melatonin pinoline 5-MeO-DMT (5-methoxy-dimethyltryptamine) DMT (dimethyltryptamine).Chemistry of Consciousness & Re-Awakening of Spirit MoleculesComplete darkness profoundly changes the sensory sensibilities of the brain.

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50% of the flat laser light impacts the film while 50% radiates off the object as a curved wave,
after film is developed and illuminated by laser light, viewer can see a 3D virtual image of the object

Now we have to make a jump. We'll take this phenomenon a step further: how would a 3-dimensional holographic medium support a 3-dimensional image? Why even consider this question? What would a 3D holographic medium look like? Instead of finding the interwoven concentric circles that we would find etched on a 2D holographic plate, we would find interwoven 3D concentric spheres occupying a 3D medium. This concept of a 3D hologram is what many theorists are contemplating as the framework for memory retention in the human brain, and, in fact, 3-dimensional holographic storage systems are already being considered for computers. It takes a vivid imagination to even visualize such a reality, but many theorists including Dr. Pribram are considering that our memories are stored holographically. For example, when humans lose large parts of their brains, they still retain their memories though with less clarity, a quality that holograms exhibit, and there are other similarities as well, see abstract: The Brain as a Conscious System by Marcer and Schemp at:
A 3D hologram does not reside in a plane, it resides in a plenum or space. It is a triaxial hologram. Just as the image impression stored on at 2-dimensional hologram plate appear as concentric circles, our memories are stored in a 3-dimensional holographic field as oscillating concentric spheres locked into a holographic matrix supported by scalar waveforms. Visit:

Interference patterns on this 2D holographic plate will produce a 3D virtual image when illuminated by a laser

According to Dr. Carl Pribram, memory is holographically stored as continually oscillating pulsations that endlessly resonate in the matrix dendritic pathways of neurons and glial cells that support a 3D holographic matrix of the brain. The fact that the DNA of brain cells can produce scalar or coherent light may further support this theory. This biophotonic light can generate and support a scalar wave environment. Individual memories may be coalesced out of the 3D oscillating holographic brain field by consciousness using a form of selective Fourier reduction. Fourier analysis was discovered by Joseph Fourier, the French mathematician. Take the final movement of Beethoven's 9th where the chorus and the orchestra are in full swing, if one were to isolate the total compound sound wave at any one moment, it would reveal a very complex waveform. Through Fourier analysis, one can isolate single waves, each separate voice, every single instrument. It may be through some form of neurological Fourier reduction that the brain is able to access every memory from the holographic memory field.

Holographic organization may extend further than the brain, in fact, it has been surmised that the "dark" universe and the memory information stored therein is also a holographic reality, hence the holographic space-time theory, and it is further conjectured that the pineal gland may be able to access this holographic space-time reality via the unique properties of endogenous DMT in concert with corpora arenacea or "brain sand". Just as the term "junk" DNA is being revised by ENCODE scientists delving further into the properties of seemingly useless DNA, so to may the term "sand" be revised by future scientists who may discover that these randomly suspended multicrystalline particles that have been purposefully created as a component of our brain and particularly the pineal gland may actually function as an amorphous crystalline antenna matrix.

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To sum it up, here is the possible pineal pathway: the multi refractive amalgam of calcite/apatite/magnetite octonia crystals is able to demodulate scalar universal holographic space-time information into a very subtle physical realm point source signal that is converted into photons by the then present piezoluminescent suspension of DMT molecular crystals, these photons are then detected by light-sensitive pinealocytes of the pineal gland and are converted into a brain signal that is directed to the visual cortex via the same pathway that the retina sends circadian light information the pineal gland to instigate melatonin production but in a reverse direction.
Bosman research paper: DMT photoluminescence: In the book ByWerner Korf, Christof Schomerus, Jörg H. Stehle. Pg. 12 "Pinealocytes have photoreceptor-specificmolecules", these are considered to be an atavistic trait with no determined function.

Indeed, this brain sand/endogenous DMT collaboration may prove to be more than just a catalyst for OBE and NDE events and a window to holographic reality; it may be a from of communication that provides more to the brain than just visual imagery, it may also send structural instructions to the emerging brain during gestation providing a seed template for the acceptance of consciousness into the circuitry of the brain. When the template is properly established, the brain is able to receive the initial spark of consciousness, and, as the embryonic brain develops, increasing levels consciousness are encouraged to evolve. This process continues after birth until full maturity is reached. Thus the pineal gland may help to create and provide the substrate of consciousness as well as ushering consciousness to its full potential. This dovetails with the conclusion that Anthony Peake comes to in his latest book: Brain sand is also found in other areas of the brain including the vermis of the cerebellum, the part of the human brain that controls body equilibrium, speech, eye and body movement thus it may also contribute to consciousness of body movement.

It may be just a coincidence, but a majority of DMT experimenters report that the first stage of a DMT voyage involves
travelling through a maze of geometric shapes of varying colors, much like travelling through a matrix of rhombic isometric hexoctahedral crystals. Could this crystalline structure imagery evolve from the brain sand mechanism itself?