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AB - A radio-communication net is a communication network in which links between stations have unlimited capacity to transmit information. Such a network can be represented by a graph with weights on the vertices which correspond to the capacities of individual stations. The capacity of a radio-communication net of n stations is described by a matrix of order n called a terminal-capacity matrix. A necessary and sufficient condition for a matrix to be realizable as the terminal-capacity matrix of a radio-communication net is found. A simple algorithm for synthesizing a radio-communication net of a given terminal-capacity matrix, which is proved to have minimum sum of vertex capacities and minimum number of branches, is obtained. A theorem concerning all possible structures of a radio-communication net with the same terminal-capacity matrix is established.

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COSI provides the full implementation of two design flows for on-chip communications and building automation networks.
The on-chip communication design flow allows to read the specification of a System-on-Chip in terms of the IP cores (including their geometrical properties), the communication requirements among them, and the models of the on-chip communication components. Several synthesis algorithms are provided to generate an optimal network with different properties. Code generators are also provided to produce numerical results as well as SystemC executable simulations.
The building automation network design flow allows to read the specification of a the problem in a graphical format (including the floorplan of a building, the wiring restrictions, the position of sensors and actuators and the communication requirements among sensors, actuators and controllers). Several synthesis algorithms are provided to synthesize and optimal network. Code generators are available to provide graphical and numerical results.

COSI does not implement, as of today, a general enough algorithm to solve any network design problem. This problem very complex and, indeed, it is not new. It has been extensively studied by computer scientists and operations researchers for the design of data networks and transportation networks. A large body of approximation and heuristic algorithms is available. The algorithms can be applied to the synthesis and optimization of interconnection networks for systems-on-chip or distributed embedded systems provided they are properly adapted and combined with accurate models of performance and cost of the communication building blocks. COSI offers the infrastructure and the methodology to relief designers from the burden of implementing these algorithms fighting with design software.

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With the ever increasing complexity of system level designs and the pressure of the time-to-market in the design of System-on-Chip (SoC), communication between components is becoming more and more important. Communication design for SoCs poses the unique challenges in order to cover a wide range of architectures while offering new opportunities for optimizations based on the application specific nature of system designs. In this thesis, we propose a communication design methodology that enables rapid design space exploration in order to achieve the required productivity gains. We define communication abstraction layers, corresponding design models and transformations which refine abstract message passing channels down to a cycle-accurate implementation. We also implemented automatic model generation tools which apply transformations to a model in order to represent and implement design decisions taken from the users or from automatic synthesis algorithms. The experimental results show the benefits of our methodology and demonstrate the effectiveness of our automatic model generation for communication synthesis.

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