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Synthesis, characterization and environmental assessment of nanosized MoS 2 ..

Synthesis and Assessment products …

In this light, we have embarkedon Phase I of a synthesis product entitled, "Aerosol properties andtheir impacts on climate," which addresses Goal 2, "Improvequantification of the forces bringing about changes in the Earth'sclimate and related systems," under the Strategic Plan of the CCSP.

Land Governance Assessment Framework - World Bank

This work will feed in to the next IPCCassessment and serve as an input to Phase II of the product, which willfocus on issues of special concern to North America.

The program includes a set of "Synthesis and Assessment Products,"active participation in international assessments such as those of theIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, improvements in modeling andother resources to facilitate comparison of response options, anddevelopment, with users, of tools to support adaptive management andplanning.