An example of slant rhyme is barn and yard.

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Is there something like THAT in the architecture of The Poem????

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A very happy new year to the architect of the poem.

In what sense did FF mean he built the poem? I think it was in the sense that he used a contextual theme throughout with related figures of speech for that specific context. That context is blue ribbon inland trophy game fishing and related canoeing phrases. Since FF and his dad were both professional fishing guides I don’t find this conclusion far-fetched. The Robert Frost poem titled Mr Brown’s Descent (the willy-nilly slide) also seems to have a probable overlapping relationship to the poem’s construction architecture due to the quantity of similarities in FF’s poem.

And here is what we suspect about the most interesting architect of the chase IMO:

If the poem is all you need to hold true, as fenn has stated many times in many ways and too many to keep posting all those quotes. Would the poem, just like a architect would with his design, explain how to read the poem? We have been told of a “word that is key”… Not a key word. This seems to me, hinting that would be the case. And would there not be other hints in the poem that do the same?

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The plan is to a particular SCALE. This is critical. It is also critical that the person reading the plan understand the legend(s), or key(s), on the plan. Taken together they are an integral whole, and they work together. But the plan is very “straightforward” and logical. There is no extraneous material, you need “every word” so to speak. It’s meant to be as absolutely clear as possible, and not open for interpretation. That is a difference between the intent of the architectural plan- little room for interpretation, and the intent of the poem- much room for interpretation. But still a plan nonetheless.

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So instead of all of the architectural graphics, symbols, lines and legends of the plan, Forrest is using words, phrases, rhyme. A different medium for the message. There is no legend outside of the poem, unless you believe that TTotC or tftw contains one, and he has emphasized over and over that all you need is the poem. He’s said there are hints in the book, and he has narrowed certain aspects of the chase with comments and answers, and there may be hints concealed elsewhere. That’s for you to shake out. But the poem itself, he says, “It is an architectural plan.”

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An architectural plan takes a long time to develop, and includes all kinds of meaning and information. It is not simply a drawing- that is the medium, whether done by hand (a rarity these days) or on the computer. One primary difference we can get out of the way up front is that most architectural plans are the culmination of a team effort, usually multiple coordinated teams, and yet the Poem is the work of only one, as we understand it. So Forrest is working in the classic manner of the solo architect, completely responsible for the initial conceptual design, the schematic and design development, every detail, and lastly to the final set-in-ink plan.

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IMO, it could be as simple as an architect being someone who creates a two dimensional representation (the poem) of something that is in three dimensions (the quest).
“Have flashlight, will travel”
(And taking the kids this time!)