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He always enjoyed running into other DEC people and regarded his years at DEC as the happiest of his life. Joe is pictured at left a few years before his retirement from Digital in 1993.

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Thereafter, Sontag examines how different positions in which the viewers and victims aresituated lead to specific forms of preference and privilege. She argues that here is a remarkableinequality in regard to representations of the dead. Her contention is premised upon the notionthat "good taste" is always "a repressive standard when invoked by institutions" (p. 68). Sontagrecounts how it has traditionally been forbidden, especially in times of war, to depict faces ofthe deceased. However, Sontag reveals that though representations of North American or Europeandead are constrained by notions of "good taste" or dignity, the same cannot be said of, say,similar images coming from postcolonial Africa. North American media, Sontag points out, has becomeimbued with "a succession of unforgettable photographs of large-eyed victims, starting with figuresin the famine lands of Biafra in the late 1960s to the survivors of the genocide of nearly amillion Rwandan Tutsis in 1994" (p. 71). Sontag concludes that the pervasiveness and regularitywith which images of death and suffering in postcolonial Africa appear in our media only serves tonormalize these occurrences; in fact, it primes us for the "inevitability of tragedy in thebenighted or backward - that is, poor - parts of the world" (p. 71).

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Susan Sontag encompasses around the idea that photographs limit our understanding of the world without essential description of the photo misleading ideals can seen into our heads.

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Assignment Description
Choose ONE section (chapter) of Susan Sontag’s book Regarding the Pain of Others and, using one outside source text, offer a summary of what you see as the main point or points of the section which Sontag is trying to make. Apply this summary to at least three photographs, which you have chosen yourself (images found online, images you have taken yourself, as long as I can view them easily). Note that there are guide questions to some of the sections in the Guide Page for Unit 3.
You can show me the images you are talking about by using an “appendix” of images at the end of your paper, or by inserting links to the images within into your paper. Please refrain from inserting images directly into your paper as this messes up the page limit. Either use links to the images or use a referencing system, which allows me to figure out what image you are referring to and add them to the end of your paper.
On the Guide Page for Part 2 of Unit 3 you will find some guide questions for Parts 1-4 of Sontag’s book, which will help if you choose to write on one of these sections.
Outside Sources
As stated in the above Assignment Description please use ONE outside text source on Sontag in this assignment (scholarly article – either online or from a journal in the library, text, interview, etc.)

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Second, Sontag never makes the second half of her case. Why is it unhealthy to think metaphorically about illness? What harm does it do to the sufferers? Has metaphoric thinking about TB or cancer inhibited our scientific study of them as diseases? Finally, Sontag seems never to consider the obvious: metaphoric (imaginative) thinking is the way we humans discover meaning in our lives. Serious illness is an important event in a life narrative. Thinking about illness (as opposed to thinking about disease) without using metaphor is probably neither desirable nor possible.