Recommendation letter from thesis supervisor.

This document must be on the institution's letterhead and signed by the supervisor.

I was his main supervisor during the Master Thesis ‗Design.

Thesis supervision is time-intensive, especially at a time of the year (middle and end of spring semester) when faculty have many competing demands on their time. When deciding whether or not to accept the thesis supervisor role, please consider the entire timeline. You are entitled to require intermediate deadlines, and an earlier deadline for the final draft, to accommodate your schedule, but this should be agreed upon before any commitment about thesis supervision is finalized. There are set by the SHC in the thesis process—for thesis proposal, format review, and final submission — but these are not a substitute for deadlines set between thesis supervisor and student for progress along the way. In particular, you and the thesis honors advisor (see below) must receive the final draft well in advance of the submission deadline, so your required or suggested changes can be incorporated. You must be available to sign the thesis cover page prior to the submission deadline, or to otherwise convey your approval to the Schreyer Honors College pending your signature. Questions about thesis formatting and deadlines should be directed to the .

Yes, with all the bad English, I offer some tips on how to contact a potential PhD supervisor:.

a support letter from the thesis supervisor.

Typically the thesis honors advisor does not work with the student throughout the process as the thesis supervisor does, but he or she should have ample time to review the final draft and suggest (or, if appropriate, demand) changes before approving the thesis. The SHC has recently asked thesis honors advisors to take a somewhat greater role in keeping tabs on thesis progress, but not to the point of diluting the all-important relationship between the student and thesis supervisor.

application recommendation letter from 2 supervisors who guided the same project?

Students who include co-authored work in their thesis also need to clearly indicate to the examiners their contribution to the work, so the examiners are able to examine the component that is the student's work. Students are required to obtain the signed approval of the co-authors to include the work in the thesis or the coordinating supervisor can sign on behalf of the co-authors.

How to apply; or academic who preferably should be your thesis or project supervisor.

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The SHC does ask, in the thesis proposal, whether the proposed work requires IRB or IACUC review and whether approval has been granted. However, we are not in a position to make those determinations, or to follow up about them. As thesis supervisor you have principal responsibility for your student’s adherence to the letter and spirit of Penn State and outside requirements in this regard.

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Choosing the right supervisor for the thesis is a key decision one makes during their academic program. Many times the students presume that the ultimate objectives of supervisors during thesis defense are to identify the loopholes in the thesis and reject their claim. A number of students even hesitate to consult their supervisors throughout the duration of thesis, out of this fear. But it is a major mistake on part of the students. One must keep visiting the supervisor during the course of the thesis and discuss the progress made. The supervisors are there to help students prove their thesis in a better way. The supervisors definitely assume the role of a critique but that is only done to get the best out of the student. The supervisors review the entire thesis and check whether the claims made by student are justified and whether he/she has supported it with proper reasons; whether proper methodology has been adopted; and whether findings really contribute something relevant. A supervisor is an experienced person with proven expertise in the field and therefore it would be a good idea to ask for his/her feedback.

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While the thesis is primarily between the student and the thesis supervisor, there is one other significant formal role. The thesis honors advisor must approve the initial thesis proposal and the final thesis submission. Unlike the thesis supervisor, the thesis honors advisor has a pre-existing Schreyer Honors College role as honors advisor, someone who works with Schreyer Scholars on a regular basis to guide their overall academic progress. Sometimes a student proposes thesis work for honors outside his or her primary major; in these cases the student should contact the for guidance.

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You might become worried when your supervisor asks you to edit your work first and then submit it. So if this is the condition for you then you are just needed to ask us the question, “Can you edit my thesis?” and our editing team will start working on it. We have the best editors in our team who will make it possible for you to submit a thesis without any mistake.