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In 2010–2012, the markets recovered and demand for styrenic copolymers increased

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The ( R)-and ( S)-oxides are hydrolysed in a regiospecific manner by rat liver microsomal epoxide hydrolase to ( R)- and ( S)-phenyl-ethylene glycols in the ratio of 1:4 (Watabe et al., 1981a).

The eventual result is a polyester called poly(ethylene terephthalate) or more commonly, PET.

Pc= 1/ {r(fa -1)(fb -1)}½ → 2/f → 1/1000.

Several column stationary phases are suitable including (10%)FFAP (NIOSH, 1974), (15%) Carbowax 1540 (Götell et al., 1972),(10%) XF 1150 (Kalliokoski & Pfäffli, 1975), and (5%) SE-30(Bergman, 1977).

The lowest detectableconcentration of styrene is about 1 mg/m3 (0.2 ppm), in theabsence of interference, using 11.0 µm as the analyticalwavelength with a 20 m cell.

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Commercial microprocessor controldevices are available with which it is possible to carry outautomatic, simultaneous multi-point monitoring of several airpollutants (Jacobs & Syrjala, 1978).

/ Enever, M.; Uffalussy, K.; Vobs, J. M.

Blood Styrene concentrations in venous blood have beendetermined by gas chromatography using the "head space"technique (Astrand et al., 1974; Schaller et al., 1976; Withey& Collins, 1977; Bencev & Rizov, 1981) or after previousextraction (Stewart et al., 1968; Brooks et al., 1980).

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Subcutaneous adipose tissue Estimation of styrene concentrations in adipose tissue ispossible in selected cases using a non-surgical, needle biopsytechnique to obtain the tissue sample.

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After extraction, thestyrene absorbed in the adipose tissue can be determinedeasily using gas chromatographic methods (Savolainen &Pfäffli, 1977; Wolff et al., 1977).

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Urine Evaluation of styrene exposure may be based on the urineconcentration of phenylglyoxylic acid (Ohtsuji & Ikeda, 1970;Götell et al., 1972; Härkönen et al., 1974), on the combinedconcentrations of mandelic and phenylglyoxylic acids(Guillemin & Bauer, 1978; Elia et al., 1980), or on the ratioof mandelic to phenylglyoxylic acid (Philippe et al., 1974).

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However, the interference does not prevent the useof the other bands; in fact, it may be advantageous to performa multicomponent analysis by repeating the measurement usingdifferent wavelengths.

(2) Matyjaszewski, K. 2004, , 123-134.

Most of the methods for the determination of mandelic andphenylglyoxylic acid in urine are based on gas chromatographictechniques (Slob, 1973; Buchet et al., 1974; Engström &Rantanen, 1974; Guillemin & Bauer, 1976; Flek & Sedivec,1980).