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Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry Division University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois Three reviews, each covering the field of cholesterol biosynthesis, have appeared duri ng the past two years ( 1-3).

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Because of the interest of one of the authors in the formation of ergosterol, the principal sterol of yeast, some interesting recent developments in the biosynthesis of this compound have been considered.

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The 1999 Sterol Symposium, “Chemistry, Biochemistry, This symposium was sponsored by the biotechnology and Function of Sterols,” held at the AOCS Annual Meeting division of the AOCS.

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Bode HB, Zeggel B, Silakowski B et al. (2003) Steroid biosynthesis in prokaryotes: identification of myxobacterial steroids and cloning of the first bacterial 2,3(S)‐oxidosqualene cyclase from the myxobacterium, Stigmatella aurantiaca. Molecular Microbiology 47: 471–481.

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Banas A, Carlsson AS, Huang B et al. (2005) Cellular sterol ester synthesis in plants is performed by an enzyme (phospholipid:sterol acyltransferase) different from the yeast and mammalian acyl‐CoA:sterol acyltransferases. Journal of Biological Chemistry 280: 34626–34634.

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Over the past decade, the possibility of using phytosterols as ingredients in functional foods has led to numerous research studies in relation to their ability to reduce blood cholesterol.

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Phytoecdysteroid structure and biosynthesis of squalene and botryococcene. (a) 20‐Hydroxyecdysone, a common phytoecdysteroid. (b) The reaction mechanism of the enzymes squalene synthase (SS) and botryococcene synthase (BS). (c) Botryococcene liquid hydrocarbon expelled from a colony of by pressure.